Epic Games is responsible for the development and distribution of the games in this category.

Who are Epic games?

Epic Games was founded in 1991, making it one of the industry's oldest gaming businesses. Tim Sweeney, the company's founder from North Carolina, titled it Potomac Computer Systems at first, and only subsequently renamed it to Epic Games.

Not just computer games, but also software, are developed and released by the firm. The firm includes offices in Seattle, Korea, Stockholm, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Epic Games also owns Quixel and Psyonix, Kamu and Cloudgine, and Chair Entertainment, among other well-known brands and companies.

Epic Games, sometimes known as Epic, is most known for its Fortnite game series, as well as Gears of War and other titles. The business is well known for developing the Unreal Engine gaming engine.

History of Epic games

Potomac Computer Systems was founded in 1989, according to the company's website. Epic Games' initial offices were in the Maryland city of Rockville.

Tim Sweeney, the company's creator, launched the game ZZT in the same year, which was the company's debut game. The earliest games released by the firm were shareware games.

Epic Games collaborated with Renaissance, Safari Software, and other developers in its early years. The shooting game Unreal, which was built in three-dimensional graphics and eventually became the name of an entire series of games launched for a range of gaming systems, was the company's genuine heyday.

Epic Games began to deal not only with the production and publishing of games, but also with the technical support of the engine for its games after establishing divisions in South Korea, China, and Japan. Also introduced was the Epic Games Store, a digital store.

What Epic Games do we have?

The Epic Games portal presents all the company's game products. The user can get acquainted with the newest games, among which there are both company games and games created by third-party developers, but promoting them through the company.

Also in the free games section, the user has the opportunity to enjoy free games and try shareware games that are posted for review, but which the player can later purchase if he likes the game. New games are added to this section every week.

Epic Games has a wide variety of genres and backgrounds. All games of this portal are distinguished by excellent high-quality graphics, thoughtful gameplay, intuitive interface, as well as recognizable and carefully detailed characters. The most popular games of the Epic games company are presented in whole series.

Among Epic Games, you can find an interesting game for yourself to represent all ages, both girls and boys. There are action games and adventures, puzzles and races, shooters and RPGs, strategy and survival games. There are both multiplayer games and single player games that are designed for only one player, but that doesn't make them any less interesting.