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If you are still not familiar with such an amazing sport as bmx games, then get acquainted as soon as possible, because this is something that should not pass you in your life.

What is bmx games?

There are people who love racing. But not all of them have the opportunity to take part in races. This can be for various reasons: the age is still not enough to get a driving license, the state of health does not allow or there is simply not enough courage.

For such people there are online bmx games that give you the opportunity to try a completely new sport that not only gives you the opportunity to feel the adrenaline, but also introduces you to a completely new sport for you.

The bmx sport is a recent invention. American teenagers who really wanted to drive through the streets like real bikers invented it, but no one allowed them to drive a bike, since they were still not old enough.

The bmx sport began with the boys putting on a helmet from a motorcycle and trying to conquer difficult tracks designed for racing on ordinary bicycles.

Bicycle for bmx games

The army of fans of such races gradually expanded. Everyone tried to improve their bike so that it copes with the most difficult obstacles. Now bmx is called a bike designed specifically for bmx games. Such a bicycle wheel has a size of 20 inches. It has no suspension, there is only one gear. This bike has excellent maneuverability and weighs less than conventional sports bikes.

Bmx games rules

Like any sport, bmx games have their own rules. They duplicate the rules of real bmx competitions, so all online games are very realistic, they can be used for training.

Any competition in the real or virtual world begins with a high start: the starting line is located at a height of 1.5 meters to 4 meters.

The track for games is divided into 4 straight sections, has 3 sharp turns, and also steps, jumps and other obstacles are provided on the track.
When passing the bmx games track, sometimes a participant is required to use a pumping technique when he does not pedal.

Styles and Directions in bmx games

Gradually developing, bmx sport received different styles and directions. Flatland style involves competition on a flat surface, when the athlete shows on flat ground how he owns a bicycle. It is like a dance.

Freestyle style means movement with one of the free styles, among which are Dirt (overcoming a hilly track with tricks that are performed in the air), Vert (riding inside the ramp), Park (overcoming specially created structures in special parks) or Street (riding along a city street and overcoming the obstacles that you can meet there: benches, stairs, railings, flower beds).

You will surely enjoy this stylish and interesting sport. Online games make it affordable and realistic. With the help of such games you can learn the basics of this sport and learn a lot.