The 4x4 games category contains games in which you have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a real 4x4 off-road vehicle. On such a jeep you can conquer any trail. There is not a single corner on earth that cannot be reached by a 4x4 jeep.

What is a 4x4 jeep?

Four-wheel drive jeep is always cool. This is twice as bad as all other cars in the world. Because there are no roads for such cars that they cannot pass. They don't really need roads to get through: a 4x4 jeep will pass through any terrain.

Driving an all-wheel-drive car when all four wheels are fully involved in driving is the same as feeling like a pioneer and conqueror of new territories: you can drive where no human has ever gone before.

In such places, you can expect all kinds of surprises, which means that 4x4 games can be classified as adventure games. You can get into protected places, see unique natural landscapes. In such places you can meet rare animals and even stumble upon a settlement of wild tribes.

Where can a 4x4 drive?

All 4x4 games are sure to have realistic graphics. The developers pay attention to the drawing of the locations, since the roads along which the 4x4 jeep is able to pass lie in wild impassable places.

When they talk about off-road, they immediately imagine a dirt road soggy from the rain, on which you can drown in the mud. But the off-road is also overgrown forests, deserts and savannahs, the wild shores of the Amazon and thick heavy ice in the lands beyond the Arctic Circle.

If you are ready to conquer wild places on the map, then you should choose 4x4 games for yourself.

What 4x4 games do we have?

Since 4x4 jeeps are designed to overcome difficult tracks, the most popular genres of such games are adventure, driving simulators. In such games, the player has the opportunity to learn how to drive this powerful vehicle, and then hone these skills in practice.

But the most popular genres of 4x4 games are racing and chasing.

Just imagine: you are racing, and there is no track in front of you at all. You and your rivals just need to get from one point to another in the shortest possible time. There are no rules in these races. You just rush in your jeep, jumping over streams and windbreaks. Nothing is impossible for you at all. The main thing is to make sure that your jeep does not overturn.

If you play chase games then you have to shoot back and hide from the pursuers in the city streets. If you are being chased by a police car, then try to escape from the representatives of the law through inconspicuous gateways. Your 4x4 jeep can handle such turns, just make sure the streets are not too narrow.

All our 4x4 games are a unique opportunity for everyone to get behind the wheel of an amazing car, because not everyone will have such an opportunity in life.