The new eich games category contains special games. All of them were created by the developer new eich and have objective differences from all other games that can be found in the vastness of the gaming Internet world.

Who are new eich?

The name new eich is a very talented developer of online games, which are represented mainly in the arcade genre. According to his own statement, the new eich games portal presents not only online Internet games, but also games for the iOS mobile platform.

New eich is headquartered in Minnesota, America

The developer himself states that in his games he was inspired by the games he played in his childhood, and mentions such names: Cave Chaos and Soccer Physics. These games could be played with friends as well as the whole family. It was the memories of how he spent a lot of fun with friends playing computer games as a child that inspired him to develop and create multiplayer games that can also be played with the whole family. The developer recalls that at the very beginning of his activity, his games were made rough and gave out a lot of mistakes, but he recalls this experience with a smile, because he taught the developer a lot and is remembered as a period filled with jokes and funny situations. When the developer reached a higher level, he began to publish his games on the Internet.

What is the difference between new eich games?

The first thing that distinguishes new eich games is their special graphics. Original rectangular characters surrounded by the same rectangular locations - this is what makes games unmistakable.

Character design is very hard to get used to, but gradually it starts to seem very cute and funny.

Among the games presented in the new eich games category, there are representatives of arcades, but in combination with various other genres.

What new eich games do we have?

Getaway Shootout immerses you in the world of an escape game, so you'll see a mix of shooting and racing genres, and it's also a platformer game. This game can be played together. As in all new eich games, here your character needs to collect bonuses, as well as weapons, which will definitely come in handy during the game.

One of the most famous games of this developer is Rooftop Snipers, which is presented in the genre of shooting and arcade games. The plot of the game assumes the participation of your character in a series of sniper duels on the roof. The controls of this game are very simple: your character needs to shoot and jump. With the help of these two methods, he needs to save his life and not fall off the roof.

Another popular game from this developer is Ping Pong Chaos. In this game, the player will also have to operate with just two buttons. This is an ordinary ping-pong, but it will have unusual participants who will behave in a different way.