The atv games category contains racing games in which you have to navigate such an interesting vehicle like atv.

What is an ATV?

ATV or all terrain vehicle is such a vehicle on which you can drive on any road and even in places where there is no road at all. This ATV has four wheels, but it may have a different number of wheels.

The ATV mark indicates that this ATV is an off-road vehicle. Therefore, atv games always assume that the action of the plot of such games will unfold in special locations: you have to drive your vehicle not just off-road: you may not have any road at all, so your ATV will wade through wild thickets or sand dunes in desert.

How and why was atv created?

What makes ATV so cool? Why does he handle off-road so easily, and who came up with such a cool form of transport?

In order for an ATV to be considered an all terrain vehicle or ATV, it must meet a number of requirements: it must have low pressure tires, the handlebar must be the same as a bicycle, the top must be open. Usually such ATVs have one or two seats, but the driver must be sure to sit on the seat itself, this is required by the feature of the atv device.

Such cool ATVs appeared in the eighties of the last century, although they were invented earlier. Originally, these ATVs were a cross between a motorcycle and a car with options borrowed from snowmobiles. There are even atv modifications that have some mini tractor options.

What atv games do we have?

All genres and types of atv games are based on what tasks an atv can handle. Since there are practically no impossible tasks for this type of equipment, the plot of atv games can involve races and adventures anywhere.

Most games belong to the racing genre, since every driver wants to experience any kind of track on this type of transport.

The tracks in atv games are designed to make the task of the athlete as difficult as possible, so racing is not the main task in games. The main thing for the player is to cope with the extreme track and many obstacles and obstacles that are equipped on this track.

Most games are made in 3D design, which is a great advantage of such games, because with the help of 3D design, significant realism is achieved.

The plots of atv games unfold in interesting and beautiful locations, against the backdrop of landscapes and various pictures of nature that delight the eye.

An athlete in atv games must have special equipment, he must wear a helmet and a special protective suit, since traveling in an atv is quite dangerous and fraught with injuries.

You can find yourself in the mountains or the desert, in the middle of a deserted street or in the heart of the savannah. You have tons of opportunities to see new wild places and test your cool ATV on the road.