The whack games category contains games that can hardly be called positive, or at least find any positive aspects in them. It seems what can be good in games where everything is built on bullying someone or something? Still, psychologists treat such games positively and even recommend playing such games periodically.

Why do psychologists recommend whack games?

In every person, sooner or later, aggression awakens. This can be triggered by stress, dissatisfaction with his own life, or dissatisfaction with the results he achieves in life or at work.

In such cases, it is very important for mental health to release stress. For this purpose, whipping toys were invented, which are very common in Asian countries. Such toys are installed in the subway or shopping centers, in clubs with slot machines and other places that people can visit after the end of a work or school day.

These toys are remarkable in that they can be beaten. Offended by peers in the class? You can come and hit such a toy a couple of times. Shouted by the boss at work? Take out the evil on a toy that was created specifically for this. This is exactly how whack games work.

Why whack games can save lives?

If you have accumulated a lot of aggression, then you definitely need to throw it out somewhere so that it does not penetrate into your daily life. In such cases, open the whack games category and make fun of the characters from the bottom of your heart. In games, there are mannequins on which you can take out evil. Such mannequins are impersonal, they only approximately retain the outlines of a human image or an image of an animal. This is done on purpose so that a person does not have a subconscious desire to transfer the perception of an object to the real world.

Another character in games is zombies. The player can make fun of such creatures to his heart's content, take revenge on them for any troubles in his own life.

Category whack games, where the player is given the opportunity to mock an animal, helps the player to cope with their fear of this animal, which arose sometime in childhood.

Useful brutality whack games

The whack games category contains games in which a person can show his aggression in order not to show it in real life.

There are also characters in whack games that schematically have the traits of specific people. they help to realize their aggression directed at a famous person. Most often, these famous personalities glorified themselves for their cruelty towards people, excessive arrogance and arrogance.

The heroes of such games can be politicians, millionaires, famous artists, media characters. If you are tired of some popular internet character, then you can also mock him at games.

For fans of books and movies, TV series or comedians, special whack games have been created, in which it is given the opportunity to mock the negative characters of these stories. If you are interested in the story and sympathized with the main character throughout the story, then you will want to make fun of that evil character who gave your favorite hero a lot of trouble throughout history.