This category contains games that will appeal to those who love adrenaline and various scary things. If you love these games then bloody games is just for you.

What are bloody games?

There will be a lot of blood and aggression in such games. This is exactly the category of games for which their children are reproached by their parents, because there is a lot of cruelty in such games, and blood flows in streams.

Of course, among bloody games there are a lot of games about vampires and zombies, as well as many different monsters who are just waiting for the right moment to attack your character. What should a character do in such a situation? Of course, to fight to the end by any means at hand.

Who likes bloody games?

There is a category of people who are very fond of horror films and bloody thrillers. In ordinary life, such people are not at all aggressive, they just sometimes want to tickle their nerves with something very scary. These people love bloody games.

Also, such games can be liked by those people who are trying to cultivate courage and suppress the feeling of fear.

And also watching horror films and bloody thrillers, as well as the process of playing games, is liked by people whose daily life is too measured and familiar. It is similar to how a person adds spices to their food to make it spicier, more interesting and tastier. These people play bloody games to bring thrills and experiences into their lives.

How do psychologists feel about bloody games?

Psychologists believe that such games do not stimulate aggression in people, but relieve tension. When a person deals with a bloody battle or with other cruel scenes and battles, he satisfies his interest through games, and after such a person does not transfer cruelty and aggression into real life.

This opinion is controversial, but there is some truth in it.

The bloody games category contains games of a wide variety of genres, because genres such as shooters, battles, and other fighting genres give the character the ability to injure his opponent.

Among the plots of bloody games, you can find a variety of stories. You have to fight the zombies, and you can use all your abilities to destroy them, because if you leave at least one of them alive, they can destroy the entire planet. You have to defend your territory from bloodthirsty monsters, and with such monsters you should also be tough and aggressive, otherwise you will not be able to withstand them.

Many games are based on some stories that have become famous and famous as a result of film adaptations. Most often these are cartoons in the genre of black humor or cinema, in which there are many fights and battles.

You may find yourself inside a labyrinth filled with terrible and dangerous creatures, so you need to always keep your weapon ready, because in such a narrow confined space only one can survive: either you or your enemy.