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Playing dungeon games is very exciting. Because everything related to dungeons is bound to promise dangers and unpleasant surprises.

Why do people like dungeons so much?

The dungeon is a dangerous place. This is the name for underground rooms that were built on purpose or formed by themselves as a result of the action of water or the movement of the earth's crust. It is always dark and damp in the dungeon, there may be any danger in wait. But people are irresistibly drawn to the dungeon. Why?

This is because the dungeons, despite the fact that they are full of unpleasant surprises, are very romantic places. Many writers and filmmakers have chosen dungeons as the setting for their stories. In terrible dungeons, interesting events unfolded, in which the heroes performed their feats. This is why many online games also take place in dungeons. The dungeon games category is very popular with both children and adults.

Everything you need to know about dungeons

If you think that dungeons do not exist in real life, then you are wrong. One of the most famous real-world dungeons is Turkish Cappadocia, which arose due to the fact that volcanic tuff was easy to process and carve out of it for dwelling. In ancient times, thousands of people found refuge for themselves in such underground dwellings. Now no one lives in the underground cities of Cappadocia, and modern scientists have managed to study only 12 levels of the underground city out of 20.

In France in the ninth century, a whole city was dug underground, which duplicated the aboveground city. This city has survived to this day and was called Naur, but it was not the only one in France - more than seventy cities were dug out.

And in Australia, a whole underground city was dug under the desert - Coober Pedy is still inhabited today, almost one and a half thousand people live in its undergrounds.

Another category of dungeons created in our time is military bunkers and bomb shelters. Such premises were equipped underground when there was a serious threat of nuclear war on the planet.

What types of dungeon games do we have?

The dungeon games category contains games with a wide variety of stories. And depending on the plot, the setting for such games also differs.

If the action takes place in the dungeon of an ancient castle, then the characters of such dungeon games are knights, and the plot unfolds around battles with underground monsters.

There are also quite a few games in which dungeon games characters encounter ghosts or vampires in dungeons.

Most often, the genres of dungeon games are represented by adventure games, shooters or arcades. In the labyrinth-like dungeons, it is very interesting to go through various quests.

Another favorite genre for dungeon games is detective games in which the player must solve a crime committed in dungeon labyrinths. The task is complicated by the fact that the player is constantly in danger, because the enemy can lie in wait at every turn. And in the dungeon there are many secret rooms where treasures are hidden or contain their captives.