The bloons games category contains games from the bloons series, which combine a single plot in which the player needs to interact with balloons, and the characters of these games are funny monkeys.

What are bloons games?

The bloons games series was released in 2007 by developer Ninja Kiwi. This tower defense game was originally a browser-based Flash game, but later in the series there were also games for a variety of gaming platforms and game consoles.

The essence of bloons games is that the player does not allow the balloons to reach the final goal in their movement, leave the closed space and scatter. In order to block the path of the balls and burst them, the player must build on their path a variety of obstacles in the form of objects or towers. Towers differ in their types: some can only hold the balls, and some can burst.

As soon as the player manages to burst the ball, he earns points, which can then be spent on modifying the gameplay.

Monkeys in bloons games

Monkeys have become adorable characters in bloons games. They are very focused and smart and are a real decoration of the game. Despite the fact that the use of balls in this genre of the game is not very familiar to users, the games turned out to be colorful, interesting, but exciting for people of all ages.

During the existence of the bloons games series, many different versions of it have been released, and the rules of the games and gameplay have improved more and more every year.

Critics have very warmly received every bloons game. According to many critics, bloons games are addictive and fun games that can be called one of the best expressions of pop culture.

There were also those who objected to the players who loved games for their simple and uncomplicated graphics, and said that the graphics in the games are amateur. But game authors are constantly improving their style, so in later games, the graphics have become an order of magnitude better.

What bloons games do we have?

Since bloons games are represented by a wide variety of games, we invite you to get acquainted with the most interesting of them.

Almost all of our games are made in the maze genre. You need to keep the balls from the mazes while controlling the monkeys.

Control monkeys shooting at balls, developing your accuracy and composure. You and your monkey need to wait for the right moment for the shot to hit the ball, otherwise your projectile will simply fly into the air.

The more balls you pop, the more points you earn. All these points you can spend on increasing your monkey the qualities of a player that it will need to complete further levels of the game.

Each of the bloons games is accompanied by original music, which received both laudatory and negative reviews from critics. But it is quite original and will be spinning in your head for a long time.