One American broadcaster once decided to poll young children in elementary school. Journalists asked schoolchildren what they dream of becoming when they grow up. The answer surprised everyone: instead of supermen, police officers and firefighters, the vast majority of boys and even girls chose the profession of a school bus driver.

Why do we like buses and bus games so much?

Buses, and not only cute school buses, but also any others, are very popular with both adults and children. We associate buses with travel, with a long journey, which does not go alone, as in a car, but in a cheerful company. While on the bus, passengers can chat, sing songs and play games that don't require movement.

The bus driver is always a very cheerful and talkative person who will give you a lift to your home and help you drag a huge backpack with textbooks into the bus.

But it's not just kids who love buses. Adults are also happy to play online bus games, because trying yourself as a bus driver is an incredible experience. And such work also requires special skill in driving a car, because the bus is much larger than any car in size, so it is more difficult to park it.

What is a bus?

It will be interesting to you to know that the name autobus comes from two words: "car" and "omnibus". Omnibuses were like buses, but the difference was that horses pulled the omnibus. Stagecoaches were similar to a bus.

The first bus appeared at the very beginning of the 19th century, in 1801. That bus was designed for eight passengers and had steam traction.
Of course, in bus games you can play with the newest and most modern types of buses. But if you are interested in meeting face to face with the history of this transport, then you can find games stylized for the historical era.

What are bus games?

The types and genres of bus games depend on what type of buses is used in each game. If we play with city buses, then you will come across a public transport simulator, bus races and other similar entertainment. If in bus games the plot is about international buses, then you will have to overcome obstacles on difficult tracks and mountain roads.

There are many bus games in which you are lucky enough to get behind the wheel of a tourist or sightseeing bus, and then you will try yourself not only as a driver of such a bus, but also as a guide.

The most interesting bus games concern school buses. Such buses are always fun and interesting. But there are games where very naughty children become passengers on the bus. Then the bus driver will have a difficult task not only to put the children on the bus, but also to take them to school without incident and not forget anyone.

There are also prison buses that transport criminals from one prison to another. Such buses are the heroes of criminal and dangerous adventures and corresponding shooting games.