Children love dinosaurs. This isn’t a secret. Adults only smile, remembering how they themselves in childhood read books about these huge prehistoric animals. And though not all of those who were a fan of dinosaurs in childhood became a paleontologist in the future, but absolutely everyone likes to play dinosaur games, even if they do not want to admit it.

Let's play dino games!

None of the people have ever seen a single dinosaur. So the story goes. And all because the last dinosaur left our planet long before the first man appeared on it. It is hard to say whether it is good or bad that such a meeting never happened. It is hard to say how it would end for everyone.
But humanity has managed to love dinosaurs in absentia. Who knows, maybe somewhere out there, in their world, dinosaurs also make legends about people and create their online video games about us.

Dinosaurs became the heroes of many literary works, films and series are shot about them, wonderful cartoons with dinosaur heroes are created. Gradually, dinosaurs migrated to the world of online computer games. And now the dinosaur games genre is one of the most popular, especially among children.

Who are dinosaurs?

The heroes of dinosaur games are huge powerful lizards who not only once lived on earth, but were on our planet the kings of nature. There were many different types of dinosaurs. Among them were very dangerous:

- Mayyungazavr, which was very ill-mannered with prey,
- Triceratops, who was not a predator, but just a herbivore creature, quite peaceful, which can not be said about his three fangs, with which he could protect himself from the enemy, stabbing him to death,
-The Mapusaur, which not only weighed several tons, could also run very fast. Imagine a three-story house running at you, and you will understand the scale of the problem.

There were among the dinosaurs very cute, small and pleasant in appearance, how cute a monster can be, who is just waiting for a meeting with you to eat you:

- Avimim is a charming one and a half meter predator,
- Velociraptor, which, if it had not been so bloodthirsty, could well pass for a pet,
- A heterodontosaurus is a herbivore baby that can scare anyone with its fierce appearance, while remaining a cutie deep down (somewhere very deep).

As you can see, dinosaurs were divided into a variety of species. And for almost all of these species, dinosaur games exist in the world.

What are dinosaur games?

Games with dinosaurs are presented in a variety of categories. Of course, this is, first of all, a genre of adventures in which you will probably have to run fast and use weapons, because a cute dinosaur the size of your school building can jump out from every angle. Even if it is herbivorous, this will not stop him from trampling you. Therefore, among dinosaur games there are quite a lot of shooters and fights.

Very often dinosaur games are presented in the genres of adventure and arcade games, logic games and drawings.