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This category includes games that are dedicated to a sport such as swimming. Swimming is not only a sport, but also a kind of entertainment that people all over the world love very much. We are looking forward to summer in order to go to the sea or to the lake, swim in the river, swim, because there is nothing better than sinking into the cool water of a natural reservoir or pool on a hot day.

Swimming as a sport in swimming games

A certain part of swimming games is devoted to swimming as a sport. And if you are interested in the sports side of swimming, then do not be surprised if the game offers you not only swimming for short and long distances for a while, trying to get ahead of your opponent. Sports swimming games will also include water polo sports games, as well as games where you have to compete in diving. Synchronized swimming is also a part of swimming games, but this sport consists of swimming and dance moves.

The sport of swimming is part of the Olympic pentathlon, since this sport has a stage of two hundred meters swimming. Swimming also includes a triathlon.

Swimming history

Man learned to swim a long time ago. Judging by the archaeological finds, the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt, Phenicia and Assyria were able to swim. They developed this skill in themselves in order to be able to hunt and fish. Also, the ability to swim was very helpful in military affairs.

Swimming acquired a sporty character only in Ancient Greece, where it was used as a method of physical education.

For the first time, swimming competitions were held in the Middle Ages: a competition among swimmers was held in Venice in 1515.

Swimming as a sport began to develop rapidly after people learned to build artificial pools: this only happened towards the end of the nineteenth century.

What types and styles of swimming can be found in swimming games?

If you are going to play swimming games, then you should study the types and styles of swimming that exist in the modern world of sports.

If during the competition an athlete is allowed to swim freestyle, this does not mean that the athlete can swim as he sees fit. This means that the athlete can choose one of the existing swimming styles and use it.

These are styles such as breaststroke, overarm stroke, Trudgen, crawl, and butterfly stroke, which is a type of breaststroke, but only its faster version.

At some stages in the history of the development of swimming, non-standard types of swimming were used, for example, swimming in clothes, swimming with obstacles and diving at a distance.

Since swimming for most people in the world still remains more entertainment and recreation than a sport, among swimming games you can find wonderful and funny colorful games in which you do not need to compete with anyone, but you will still be able to swim.