The Donald Trump games category contains games in which the main character is US President Donald Trump.

Who is Donald Trump?

If, after all, there are people who do not know who Donald Trump is, you should tell more about him. And at the same time to answer the question why so many online computer games are dedicated to this person.

Donald Trump is the president of America who, before he was elected president, was a businessman and entrepreneur, showman and television presenter.

The famous Time magazine once named him man of the year.

Donald Trump, before becoming president, was engaged in the construction business, became a billionaire. Donald Trump is the owner of the most famous beauty pageant in the world, Miss Universe. But he became a character in Donald Trump games long before he decided to go into politics.

Why did President Donald Trump become an online video game character?

Since Donald Trump is a charismatic and original person, he is well known to people not only in America, but also on all continents. His behavior is far from what is usually expected from presidents. He behaves sometimes extremely defiantly, sometimes he says hard-hitting things.

Donald Trump is also distinguished by his appearance. He has a special type of face and a memorable hairstyle, so any image of him, even a schematic one, will always be recognizable.

What Donald Trump games do we have?

Most often, president simulators represent Donald Trump games. In such games, you will have the opportunity to try yourself in the role of the President of America, make decisions and give commands. And also you will have to cope with all the problems that the president has to cope with.

Also in the Donald Trump games category are political games. Most often, the player in such games has to confront his political rivals. Such rivals for Donald Trump are traditionally the President of Russia and the President of China. Since political life is filled with numerous disputes and verbal battles, politicians often become characters in sports games in the genre of martial arts and fighting games.

If you want to take part in real political fights, then enter the ring against other presidents. Your character is Donald Trump. Since he always acts willfully and in the way he thinks is right, there are no rules for him. For this reason, there are many games in the ultimate fighting genre.

We can also offer many entertaining logic Trump games in which the president will have to solve difficult tasks and problems. Among these logic games and puzzles, there are many detective games.

In the Trump games category, you can also find dress up games, where we invite you to come up with a new look for President Trump. In hairstyle games you will have the opportunity to change Donald Trump's famous hairstyle for something more modern and stylish. Also, in dress up games or makeup games, President Trump's wife Melania Trump or his daughter can take part as the main character.