This category contains games that were created by the Xform team. Games from this team are distinguished by a special style and design, which were warmly received by users.

Who are Xforms?

The Xform team is a leading independent developer of online 3D browser games. The independent developer Xform has customers from many of the leading ad agencies, publishers and game portals.

Today, the Xform Games portal has a huge portfolio, which presents interesting high-quality games in a variety of genres and directions.

According to the press service of the xform games team, this developer is known for his categoricalness, which has become a hallmark of the creative team and led to the result that games now has.

History of xform games

The Xform company dates back to 2004, when Peter Albers and Diederik Grosbeck, students of the same college, met and easily found a common language, and later decided to also found a common business. The guys had in common that they both loved classic action games very much, considered themselves old school and dreamed of creating such games themselves, breathing new life into them through 3D graphics.

The first of the xform games was The Hammer, a third-person shooter. The guys had some courage because they tried to bring the game to the browser for the console. The company's financial cushion was negligible, so the success of the business depended only on a huge amount of work. To earn money, they had to create two-dimensional games, but their dream was exactly three-dimensional graphics.

As they fill their portfolio, the xform games team has acquired a huge number of fans and clients. The popularity of 3D shooters and races only grew, gradually the guys started to master both Flash 3D and Unity 3D. Gradually, they mastered mobile gaming platforms.

By constantly analyzing the reasons for their success or failure, the guys adjust the vector of development. Since 2004, Xform has been headquartered in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

What xform games do we have?

We bring to your attention the best games of the developer. On our portal you will have the opportunity to play realistic and exciting shooting and racing games, feel the wind of freedom at the wheel of a racing car.

You will also like games in the style of Minecraft, created in pixel art. These are fun games for players of all ages and genders. Try together with your character to explore the mysterious world of two-dimensional blocks and build new elements of this world.

You will have the opportunity to play games, the plot of which provides for interesting events and turns, and the locations are replaced one after another. Around you will be a wonderful and realistic world created in three-dimensional graphics. Be sure to research it and find many interesting clues left by the authors of the game. Since the creators of xform games are fans of the classic style of games, you will have a slight feeling of nostalgia for the days when the first PC games in the genre of shooting and racing await.