Speed, adrenaline, tension and the will to win are what the games in this category are all about. All this players will be able to experience if they plunge into the harsh and exciting world of magnificent Formula One racing. The realistic and high-quality graphics of formula games help you immerse yourself in the world of racing tracks and cars.

What is Formula One?

The FIA ​​regularly holds top-class car races in open-wheel vehicles. These races are held only on certain special cars, which must meet a number of rules - a kind of formula. That is why these competitions received such a name.

Competitions are held annually, and each championship is divided into several stages, which are called the Grand Prix. At the end of the annual Grand Prix series, the federation sums up the results by counting the number of points that each driver or team earned, because both independent pilots and entire teams compete in the championship.

Special requirements are imposed on cars that are nominated for competitions: if a car has not passed a special test showing its impact resistance, then it will not be allowed to compete. The cars that take part in Formula One are called race cars. Participants must only complete the stages of the competition using their own vehicles.

Formula One history

These races were originally called the World Championship for Racing Car Drivers and began in 1950. It wasn't until 1981 that the race was named Formula One.

This type of competition was unique in that the car had to be developed, designed and manufactured by a team that claims to participate in the competition. this team must also represent its driver and the car maintenance team.

This contributed to the fact that each time the models were more and more improved, and every year new interesting models of cars appeared, and this is reflected not only in the progress and development of cars for racing, but also in the development of the automotive industry in general.

What are f1 games?

The f1 games category presents the most interesting Formula One competition games. Mostly these are racing simulators. The player has the opportunity to act as a car pilot and go through the most difficult tracks in the history of the competition.

Such games require a lot of attention and concentration, the ability to drive a car, concentrate on achieving goals and safety issues.

Formula games tracks have interesting designs, are equipped with sharp turns and difficult sections, so players must also show their logical and analytical qualities, the ability to make decisions in an extreme situation.

All games are distinguished by detailed realism, the player has the opportunity to completely immerse himself in the world of the game and feel the atmosphere of these famous races. Formula games include options for the Grand Prix in different cities around the world, since Formula One stadiums are built in many parts of the world, and each track has its own unique features.

Each f1 games is equipped with a training mode, through which, beginners can learn how to drive a racing car before entering the track and participating in competitions.