The distance games category contains games, the plot of which is based on a certain distance, and the characters either have to overcome this distance themselves, or make a throw or a shot so that an object or a projectile can overcome this distance.

What is distance?

Since distance games are based on the concept of "distance", it is worth understanding what it is. In a general sense, the term “distance” is understood as the distance from something to something, that is, from one object to another.

The concept of "distance" is used in different spheres of human life, therefore, distance games plots can imply different conditions and different locations. If we are talking about distance as a unit of economic activity, then the distance is taken as a segment of the path. If this is a distance on a railroad, then the distance will be measured from one station to another, although the road itself is a vicious circle.

In what areas is the term “distance” used?

Since the world of distance games is large and diverse, it is worth making an overview of the directions and areas of human life in which the concept of "distance" can be used, and then it will become clear what the plots of distance game can be.

The most obvious plot of distance games will be sports plots in which athletes can overcome different distances. In almost all sports, the leading role is played by distance, that is, the distance that an athlete or sports equipment must travel, launched or controlled by an athlete.

There is another area where the concept of distance is used: in military affairs. You could hear how commanders pronounced this word during military parades when they indicated how much distance should be between elements of the military system.

And the concept of distance is mentioned when they want to say that people have moved away from each other. Then they say that a person keeps his distance from another person.

What kind of distance game plots do we have?

Since the concept of distance is most often used in sports games, we offer you a whole range of sports distance games, in which athletes need to overcome short and long distances in competitions in various sports. If this is a run, then the player will have to run at different distances, trying to come to the finish line first. If it is skiing or speed skating, then the player will also have to overcome distances of different lengths, as well as overcome various obstacles at a distance.

We can also offer distance game with trucks and other vehicles. The player's task in car games is to overcome the difficult distance of the path and come to the finish line first. If it is a car racing, then the track on which your car has to drive can be equipped with a variety of obstacles. It also depends on the location in which the game's plot unfolds. There are games where the landscape suggests natural obstacles and difficult sections of the path.

Also, among distance games, you can find throwing games, in which the player needs to throw some object or sports equipment so that he flew the required distance.