The gangster games category contains online games in which the action takes place with the participation of gangsters. This is the name for criminals who are part of a community or group.

Who are gangsters?

Most often, the word "gangster" refers to a criminal who is a member of one of the largest criminal communities in America. Also, this name applies to criminals from criminal groups in China, Italy and some other countries.

As a phenomenon, gangsters appeared in the United States in the last century. Then on the streets of the cities groups began to form, which were called "gangs". Outwardly, the gangsters were distinguished by a special style that demonstrated their wealth acquired by criminal means.

You've probably heard the names of the most famous gangsters: Pablo Escobar, Costello, Gambino, Al Capone. Many films have been created based on these famous criminals, books have been written, and online gangster games have been invented.

Main characters of gangster games

The main characters in gangster games have become very popular in the culture. There are so many feature films about gangsters.

Also, the images of gangsters are often used when organizing theme parties or holidays, carnivals.

The gangster image is different in that the criminals have always been dressed in stylish striped suits, a vest, and a satin shirt. The image of a gangster must be complemented by a bright stylish expensive tie. Another must-have element of the gangster look is the hat.

The gangsters always had ladies of the heart who wore shiny dresses. Both the gangsters themselves and their girls wore a lot of expensive gold jewelry.

What gangster games do we have?

If you have opted for gangster games, then you should know a thing or two about the gangster code. The main law of gangsters is the ability to remain silent. All information about the group and its members has always been strictly classified. A criminal who shared at least some information with someone was punished with death.

Another law of gangsters was the law of mutual assistance. Each member of the gang had to help each other.

In addition to these laws, there were many more rules.

If you play gangster games, then you will gradually become familiar with these rules. You can act on the side of the gangster himself or the policeman who catches the criminal.

If you play as a gangster, then your task will be to complete your task, to commit a crime so that no one will find out or reveal your identity. It is also important to do everything so that the police cannot catch you.

If you play on the side of the police, who is catching a gangster, then you must be careful and think, analyze the situation. We must not forget that gangsters never act alone. They always have a team of assistants and colleagues.

Among gangster games there are excellent quests and arcades, but there are also many games in the genre of racing, shooting, fighting. Each of the gangster games necessarily has an element of a logical puzzle. Every gangster game is a detective game. At the head of each gang there is always a main gangster who controls the entire group. At the end of each game, you will inevitably meet with the head of the gang.