If you love thinking, building logical chains and analyzing cause and effect, if you feel like a real strategist according to your mindset, then there is a wonderful way for you to test your abilities and have fun. You just need to play defense games.

What are defense games

The defense games category contains such options for games where you have to keep the defense of a building, fortress, as well as a whole kingdom or even a huge state. There are even games where you have to defend the whole planet.

There are many varieties of these games. But in any plot, the main task of the player is to defend a certain object from enemies.

You can defend your home or garden plot from an evil neighbor, or defend an entire kingdom from an army of enemies. With any plot, you can only be helped by your ability to resist the enemy and the ability to think and act strategically.

Defense tools in defense games

In order to complete this task, you will need a weapon. Defense games have a huge selection of weapons with which you can defend and confront the enemy. If this is the defense of your house from a neighbor or hooligans, then you can use stones or shoot with a slingshot. If this is a bigger battle, then choose a serious weapon. When confronting space invaders, aliens or fantastic creatures, you will need the latest space weapons. Such weapons have not even been invented in real life, but in defense games they already exist and are completely at your disposal.

Of course, for every strategist, his main weapons are allies or like-minded people. Therefore, defense games users must have their own army, or at least a squad of assistants. You can use them as sentry posts or as soldiers.

Not attack, but defense

The defense games category contains such stories where you are not required to attack, but you must defend your object and defend yourself. This process requires you to be just as tactical and strategic as attacking. You must constantly monitor how the picture of the battle changes, what is the logic of the battle. You must be able to react in time and change your decisions if the situation requires it.

If you see that the enemy has changed his tactics, then you must also change yours in order to resist the attack.

All invaders are strong in that they have a clear mission and goal: the seizure of foreign territory. But everyone who defends their home or their state also has their own indestructible strength: the defense of their territory.

Your defense can be based on a variety of principles, and you need to understand how this works. Defense with tanks is different from the way that airplanes defend. If the defense is deployed at sea or in the ocean, then you will need special attention to detail. Space defense involves the use of the latest space technology, so you must be very clear about how space battles are structured.