You probably heard or saw this name - grow games. But not everyone knows what games are hiding under this name. But they deserve to get to know them better.

What is grow games?

In 2002, a Japanese game developer named On created and posted several Flash grow games on his website. The composition of this series as a result for the entire period of creation included 12 games in full format, 7 games in mini format and another game, which was later canceled.
These games quickly became popular, and today they still retain their popularity. Critics greeted their appearance with positive reviews. They especially liked the simplicity of the games and the accessibility for users to understand. Such games were categorized as puzzle games, but critics also noted that grow games open up a new genre of games for the online gaming industry.

Features grow games

Games of the grow games category are easy to distinguish from others: they are very easy to manage, have the simplest interface on which there are only a few buttons. The player is required to simply determine the correct combination of buttons so as to get the maximum reward. Maximum reward leads to a good game result.

These grow games are made very interesting in terms of design, have nice graphics and look very pretty.

The heroes of these games are often different fictional creatures or famous characters in films, cartoons, books or other online games created by the same developer.

The essence of grow games

The player receives a certain set of buttons, each of which is responsible for some characteristic of the game world. If the user clicks this button, some indicator in the game world changes. The player is faced with the task: to determine in what order the buttons should be pressed in order to get the best result. Buttons for each game can be a different number: from five buttons to twelve. And the number of combinations of these buttons will increase as you move in the game. If there are 5 buttons, the number of combinations will be equal to 120, and only one of these combinations will lead the player to victory. If the buttons are 12, then the number of combinations will be equal to 479 million.

Each game has only one positive ending, but there may be several options for negative unsuccessful finals.

You will certainly succeed in grow games if you are a good tactician or strategist, as well as if you are a talented combinator. If a person knows how to analyze his future steps and think over what result each of them will lead to, he will succeed in achieving a positive ending.

Such games train logic and analytical thinking perfectly. Gradually, by trial and error, the player learns the strategy of the game, develops his memory, attention, remembers and analyzes the unsuccessful options, then to put the experience into practice. The element of random success in the game, of course, is present, but since there is only one successful option, and there are many unsuccessful ones, then you have a great opportunity to experience your own luck. Those who manage to accidentally win at the first attempt are real lucky ones.