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If you like riddles and scary secrets, then detective games are just what you need. These games have everything: secrets that need to be solved, intricate theories in which you need to find the thread of the right thoughts, and also in such games there is always room for a feat, because someone’s life depends on whether you find the criminal or not. or well-being.

Who likes detective games?

Do you like scandals, intrigues, investigations? Then games of this category are just for you. And do not think that these are just ordinary online games. In reality, these are doors that lead to unfamiliar places: you never know where you will end up.

Do you like quests? Do you like when you are faced with insoluble problems? When it seems that answers to questions cannot be found - is it all so complicated? But you still do not intend to give up, and continue to follow the trail?

Congratulations, you're a real detective. And all these detective games are your world that awaits when you plunge into it with your head.

Famous detectives - heroes of detective games

If you like the profession of detective or detective, then of course you know who was the most famous detective in the history of mankind?

Let's remember these people, because they were outstanding personalities on all sides, had an extraordinary mind and were able to unravel almost any crime.

The first one whose name comes to mind is Sherlock Holmes. Of course, this is just a literary character, but there is an opinion that this literary hero had a real prototype, which had many talents, including a sharp mind and inquisitive thinking.

A real person and an amazing detective was Eugene Francois Vidoc. Interestingly, before becoming a detective, he was a criminal. But then he left his criminal business and became a private detective. Vidok is considered the founder of the modern criminal investigation department.

But the famous detective Auguste Dupin did not exist in reality - it was invented by detective writer Edgar Alan Poe. Also a literary character is Miss Marple, which was invented by Agatha Christie.

What genres are found in detective games?

As you see, becoming a detective is quite real, you only need to properly train your mind and solve as many complex problems as possible. Detective games are quite suitable for this. in such games many interesting game genres are collected at once. First of all, these are quests, which include tasks of different difficulty levels.

Also among detective games, there are a lot of games for searching for items, because it’s what these detectives constantly have to do. Another very common genre is adventure games with logical tasks, labyrinths and similar games. The plots can be very diverse, but they all relate to the crime and the need to investigate it.

But the closest to reality are the games of a detective simulator: in such games you can try on the role of a private detective, visit his skin and try to find the criminal by applying a deductive method of thinking.