The humor games category contains games that are sure to make every player laugh, joy or smile. These are games whose plot based on humor. You can rest assured that you will be in a good mood after you play our comedy games.

What is humor?

We meet the concept of humor every day, but do we know how humor differs, for example, from satire or irony, all these genres cause a person to laugh or smile.

Humor is a person's ability to notice the funny in what surrounds him in life, and to demonstrate these comical sides to other people.

When is it funny for a person? When something happens around him that contradicts logic or when something does not coincide with his idea of ​​the world. Humor can come in many different forms and genres, and humor games are just one of those forms. You can also find humor in jokes or anecdotes, humoresques or satirical cartoons, ditties or comedies.

What types of humor can we find in humor games?

All games differ in the way they make you laugh. If this is evil and merciless laughter or ridicule, then these are satirical games. Such games often target famous people and ridicule their negative qualities through funny play. The characters of such comedy games are presidents and celebrities, famous public figures.

But humor can be kind too. His goal is to tell the subject of humor that he has shortcomings, and to push him to correct them.

Also there is such a very interesting form of humor as a parody. Parody often used in the plot of humor games. In such games, the characters replicate the unique traits of certain personalities, which can recognized by such traits.

Among games, you can also find games in the genre of black humor. There is a lot of cynicism in this kind of humor, so these humor games can have plots about illness or death, as well as dark themes.

Why are humor games useful?

The main benefit of humor games is that they develop a sense of humor in the player. If the user has no or poorly developed sense of humor, then he should definitely devote his time to comedy games in order to develop this skill in himself.

Another undeniable benefit of comedy games is that they make you smile and laugh. Psychologists call laughter the best medicine. Psychologists around the world as a remedy use humorous techniques. This method of treatment called laughter therapy.

When a person laughs, he develops a positive outlook on the world, his state of mind stabilizes. As a result of such changes, a person's emotional and physical well-being improves. All games are also representatives of a wide variety of genres. Each of these genres of online games aimed at developing certain qualities and character traits in a person. In the humor games category, there are both adventure games and shooters, as well as racing, role-playing games and logic puzzles.