Before you figure out what this category of games is, point and click games, you should find out what lies under this strange name.

What is point-and-click?

Do not believe it, but the most typical example of a point-and-click interface is now right in front of you - this is your browser made using HTML technology. The essence of this interface is that the user must point to a point on the screen with the cursor and click on it with the mouse. This type of interface is controlled using a computer mouse, but can also be used for this keyboard or joystick.

When you click on the text on a page in a browser and you are redirected to a link somewhere else, this is a typical example of how point-and-click technology works.

What is point and click games?

Point-and-click technology is very actively used to create games. This type of point and click games began to be created in large numbers, as soon as personal computers began to appear at home. The first games in this technology were adventures in primitive graphic control.

Now most often this technology is used by games in the style of graphic quests. Sometimes in such games, the player is forced to click on various objects and tips for a long time to find the tedious and complete the task.

Features point and click games

In such games, the goal that the player faces is always clearly clear. The player must be aware of what stage of the game he is at now, where, what he should strive for and where, and what he should ultimately come to.

In such games, there are always location instructions, and the user also forms an understandable picture of the game world. This helps the player to build routes for their actions and follow them.

In games of this type there is always a system of prompts that appear at the right time. Such hints are necessary so that the player can solve the following problem that the game offers him.

Also, in this type of games, the game must demonstrate whether the player has successfully chosen the path or not. If the player went the wrong way, the game should let him know. This is achieved through feedback: the correct choice is highlighted by signals, a nasty sound is heard when the player made the wrong choice.

Among the most popular and well-known representatives of the point and click games genre, one can name a game created based on the eponymous series, The Walking Dead: The Game, a game that teenagers will like more, because it tells about teenagers, Life is Strange, as well as a game Day of the Tentacle Remastered, which is a classic version of a point and click games category.

There is also an interesting game Machinarium, made in the style of steampunk, which is very interesting and has earned considerable popularity among fans of games of this genre. The genre itself has now slightly reduced the level of demand, as users increasingly make choices towards more realistic quests.