The notdoppler games category contains games that were released by one developer. This is a Not Doppler company that you should get to know better.

Who is Not Doppler?

The game developer Not Doppler is a team of creative guys who started their activity in 2005 with the founding of a portal where they began to place computer online games. Over time, the company also began producing games for mobile devices.

The Not Doppler team positions themselves as a portal that publishes the best and newest free games online. The slogan of their activity indicates that every Thursday one new game will be released on their portal, no matter what happens.

The guys at Not Doppler also tell their fans that they are trying their best to make the site with games as interesting as possible, and are doing their best to do so.

Not Doppler is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The number of downloads of their games only for mobile platforms has already exceeded a hundred million times.

What are the features of notdoppler games?

The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the special graphic style that distinguishes games. Whatever the plot or genre of the game, the style of the designer can be recognized immediately, it is special. Minimalistic and recognizable, the style of notdoppler games is replete with bright colors, but you can also find games made in monochrome.

Some games are made in very simple graphics, and some are specially stylized for pixel art. The very design of the site with notdoppler games is also simple. One gets the impression that this is a site created by an amateur. This artistic technique works great for realism.

What notdoppler games do we have?

Notdoppler games has a wide variety games categories and we have all of those genres.

The most widespread and favorite genre of notdoppler games is action. Among the games presented in this category, you can find many shooters, both from the first person and from the third person. All these games are made with more or less realism. Some of the games in this category have three-dimensional graphics and very high quality, but there are also games that are drawn with deliberate cartoonishness.

In the adventure games category, you can find a wide variety of games, but the real star of this genre is a character named RED BALL. This character is very recognizable and constantly finds himself in a variety of situations, he is cheerful and cheerful, so all adventures with him become very interesting.

The portal also features arcade notdoppler games, sports games, as well as many interesting logic puzzles. Of course, the developer has introduced a wide range of MMO games.

The games that have gained the greatest popularity among users have been placed separately in the section. Since every Thursday a new game is released on the portal, new games are also placed in a separate section so that the user can conveniently search for them on the portal.