The dark games category contains games that are made in dark colors and have the same dark and dark plots. Such games make the players fearful, therefore, dark games should be played by those players who do not react too emotionally to terrible things and events.

What does darkness hide in dark games?

Many people are afraid of the dark. Children are not the only ones to experience fear of the dark. Too many adults cannot sleep in a dark room and leave the night lamp on.

If you do not have a fear of the dark, you may not understand this.

Psychologists are still trying to find a reasonable explanation for such fears, but so far science has not been able to find a way to completely eradicate the fear of the dark. But they even came up with a name for this type of fear - nyphobia.

But there is also a category of people who are not only not afraid of the dark, but also consider the dark time of day to be the most suitable time for adventure. It is for such people that our dark games collection is intended.

How to get rid of the fear of the dark with dark games?

Psychologists believe that the fear of the dark can have different reasons. All people who are afraid of the dark have answered differently to the question: what does darkness hide? Someone reads that monsters and ghosts are hiding in a dark room. Such fear in modern man has genetic roots. Our ancient ancestors perceived the dark time of the day as the most dangerous for their lives. It was at night that animals or enemies could attack them. This fear has reached modern people by genes, and although we now know for sure that our houses and apartments are safe, and there is nothing terrible in a dark room, there are still people who are afraid of the dark.

The dark games category contains games that will help to get rid of the fear of the dark for those who are afraid to fall asleep in a dark room, because it seems to him that it is full of ghosts and monsters. Try games with a wide variety of plots and you will perceive all the fears of the night as entertainment invented by graphic designers and game developers.

What dark games do we have?

The plots of our dark games can be very diverse. In the dark, zombies and ghosts, fictional monsters and real criminals with weapons can await you. In some dark games you will have to find your way in the dark, so there will always be a danger of falling into a hole or getting caught in a trap.

If you start playing, then you have to be very attentive, listen and look closely at everything that is happening around. If you feel in danger, then use the weapon that you have. Try to cope with all the enemies that will lie in wait for you in the dark. Once you learn how to deal with monsters in our games, you will completely get rid of your fear of the dark. Never forget that all scary games are just the fantasy of the developers and designers.