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Who is afraid of vampires these days? They have already become the same familiar characters in books, movies, TV series, cartoons and computer games that no one is afraid of them. But everyone is happy to watch cartoons and TV series, films and anime about them. And many enjoy playing vampire games.

Where did vampires and vampire games come from?

Vampires are not a fashionable phenomenon, but creatures that have been known for a very long time. Even in the mythology of different peoples, such creatures are mentioned. This creature is a vicious inanimate monster that leads an active lifestyle at night and sleeps during the day. Vampires can take many forms, transform into a bat, attack humans while they sleep, and suck blood. If a person sleeps and sees nightmares in a dream, then a vampire attacked him.

Although it is generally accepted that all vampires are afraid of garlic, aspen cola and sunlight, one of the authors of fiction or films, inventing their own vampire universe with its peculiarities and laws, periodically refutes all these stereotypes.

Vampires in movies and online games

Filmmakers and animators are very fond of shooting stories about vampires. Many books have been written about vampires. It's no wonder they've become such frequent guests of online games.

The most famous works about vampires can be called those that elevated the image of vampires into a cult and even romanticized it. Although there were other works in which vampires appeared before the appearance of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, it was Bram Stoker who introduced the image of the vampire into popular culture. All other authors of novels about vampires were guided by his works.

The most popular vampire images that later migrated to vampire games were filled with the works of Stephenie Meyer "Twilight", books by Anne Rice, "Buffy" and "Angel". Later, the series "The Vampire Diaries" was released, which became incredibly popular, and images from this series migrated to vampire games.

Features of vampire games

But the main image of the vampire in vampire games remains the cartoon image. This is always a negative character, from which one should be saved, one must fight with him using traditional devices - silver bullets and an aspen stake.

The vampire image is used by vampire games of various genres. Adventure games, shooters and classic arcade games are very popular in this category. But you can also find vampires in logic games, especially if they are related to finding a way out of a maze or a closed space.

Many plots of vampire games are associated with Romanian castles in Transylvania, where vampires lived. It was from there that Count Dracula was born. According to the plot of such games, the character of the game must beat a vampire in this castle, and for this he needs to go through a difficult dangerous quest.

Ways of dealing with vampires differ depending on what kind of idea a particular ethnic group has about a vampire. But everyone agrees on several principles of fighting vampires: a vampire is immortal and cannot grow old, his age can reach several thousand years. But you can defeat a vampire. This is done with an aspen stake in the heart, fire, or stripping a vampire's head.