All boys and girls are familiar with these charming fairy-tale animals! My little pony cartoons conquered the world so quickly that many did not even have time to learn the names of all the ponies from this wonderful story.

What are the reasons for the popularity of my little pony games?

When the first cartoon about little ponies was released, everyone was wondering why the popularity was so strong. But then the cartoon began to replenish with new series, more and more kids stuck to the TV screens, and adults seriously thought about it. Thinking, and then turned into the same fans of little ponies, like their children.

What kind of heroes are these?

The authors of the story about my little pony is Hasbro. It was this company that released the toys of the My Little Pony series back in the eighties of the last century. Toys were greeted very warmly. Cute ponies, painted in pleasant warm colors, liked the children so much that they demanded that their parents buy them all. A few years later, there was a need to give the heroes a real plot embodiment. And then an animated series was created in which the same pony toys became the protagonists. Ponies got their names and characters, and many loved the children around the world.

All these years filmed and released new series of this cartoon, but the images of ponies Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinky pie and others, remained exactly the same as they were released on store shelves.

In 2003, the heroes were redesigned, and pony images were released that even the smallest children liked. For teens, the Littlest Pet Shop series was developed.

There are many adaptations of this story; several series have been filmed on it. There is also a full-length film, it is planned to release another series in the genre of spin-offs.

What are my little pony games?

Since the whole story of little ponies is a story about adventures, the genres in which my little pony games are presented can be very different, but they will definitely have adventures.

It’s good that Twilight Sparkle’s character is so restless that she perceives any event in life as an adventure. Even if it concerns the choice of attire.
Among my little pony games, games for girls predominate, because the main fans of this series and little ponies are girls.

Therefore, there are very cute and interesting walkers, entertaining quests, there are even shooters, but they are so bright and beautiful that it becomes clear that they were created for girls. And among my little pony games there are educational and creative games, because girls are very fond of being creative in all areas of life.

All my little pony games have several distinctive features. They are made in recognizable graphics, painted in pleasant colors with a predominance of cart and lilac. And all these games are very kind, like the story about the pony.