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In this category of games are games dedicated to billiards. And don't be scared by the word pool. Pool games are also billiards, just this is its American variety.

What are the features of pool games

This is also a game on a green table covered with velvet cloth. And they play such a game with cue and balls. The difference is in the rules and in the fact that the balls for the pool are smaller in size, they are lighter in weight and of a different color. Also, a table for playing in the pool differs in size from a standard pool table.

But just like pool, pool is a smart logic game that is played in order to train your own brains.

What is the use of pool games?

Billiards is not for nothing called an intellectual game. This game is also a sport. Engaged in this sport, a person develops such useful skills as the ability to concentrate, concentrate, develops patience and willpower.

We have not heard the exact facts about how the game of billiards appeared. There is speculation that the roots of this ancient game go far to the East. But all pool history scholars agree on one thing: in one form or another, billiards existed in various corners of the globe, mutating and improving. Do not think that pool games are ordinary gambling. Not without reason at all times among the fans of billiards were people rich, respected and reputable, representatives of the highest circles of society.

To play pool games well is to feel that you belong to the masters of the highest class.

Pool games rules

The rules of pool games largely repeat the rules of ordinary billiards. All you need is to use the cue to hammer balls into the pockets.

Modern pool games are high-quality simulators made in 3D graphics that will give you a lot of pleasure.

Games in this category can be either single-player games or multi-player games. If the first version of pool games is suitable for those who want to practice playing a game of billiards and pump their skills, then multiplayer pool games are an opportunity to spend time in a good company, to compete with each other.

Pool games have always been a form of social life, so it is considered to be a pool game a game of gentlemen. Games of this category are made very conveniently, so that the player can take the most profitable viewing goal and control the movement of the cue and the force of the blow. Typically, the impact force is reflected on a scale on the game screen.

What is the convenient option for online pool games? The fact that you do not need to purchase a card and become a member of the club to become one of the best players in pool games. You just need to open your browser and start playing. You can do this alone in training mode. You can fight with the computer. You can also invite friends and play pool games together.