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Amazing shark creatures! They are very afraid, they composed many terrible legends about them and made a huge number of different films. But still people do not cease to admire their power, strength and grace.

Among all categories of online games, shark games are among the most popular.

What are sharks?

A shark is a fish, but a fish is special. It can be recognized by its long body, torpedo-shaped, large fin, as well as by the huge number of teeth with which each of its jaws is strewn.

The shark has established itself as a predatory and merciless creature. Accept that if a person meets a shark in the sea one on one, then he can not survive. But not all shark species are predators: the large-mouthed shark, giant and whale shark feed only on small fish, squid and plankton.
Shark is an ancient creature. Scientists have been able to establish that the oldest of the sharks existed already 450 million years ago.

On earth, scientists have recorded more than 520 species of sharks. Among them, the smallest is Etmopterus perryi, which is less than 20 centimeters in length, and the largest is considered to be Rhincodon typus, which can grow more than 20 meters in length.

A shark is found in the depths of the seas and oceans.

Shark vs human in shark games

Most shark games and movies about sharks talk about how a shark meets a person, represents a great danger for him, and therefore the essence of the game is to defeat this shark.

But the cases when a shark attacked a person are very rare. Scientists believe that such a person’s fear of a shark is more based on numerous films and books that describe such cases. As in many other cases, such a noble, strong and intelligent creature like a shark simply demonized the media.
Scientists believe that if a person meets a shark, an attack by the shark will take place in only one case of 12 million. As a result of negligence on water, 3300 times more people are drowning each year than dying from sharks.

Shark myths in shark games

Not only films and books, but also shark games are based on numerous facts about sharks that are stereotyped, but are actually false.
For example, it is argued that the shark must be constantly in motion, so as not to die. But this is not true: sharks can rest calmly, lying at the very day, and water is pumped through the gills.

People think that sharks move at tremendous speed, but sharks prefer to save energy and not swim too fast. But at the time of the attack of their victim, sharks are able to develop tremendous throwing speed.

Numerous horror films also teach us that sharks are very fond of human blood. Sharks are indifferent to human blood, and human meat does not suit them at all, since the fat content in this food is not high enough for sharks, it is useless to them.