What is platform games? And why, from such a feature of online games as the presence of a platform in the game, a whole category of games has grown, which is very popular among both children and adults.

What is platform games?

Games in this category have one feature: the game always has platforms. The character of the game must jump on these platforms. This in platform games is the main goal. Also, during the game, the character must climb stairs, as well as collect objects. Collecting items is a prerequisite for the player to complete the next level of the game and move to another.

Among the items that a character must collect are power-up items. If the character collects power-up, then he will have additional life skills or powers. The character may increase the height of the jumps, he will be able to run faster or his vitality will greatly increase.

To collect ordinary items and power-up, the character just needs to touch them or collide with him. In some more complex platform games, such items can be collected in a special piggy bank, and the character can activate their action with the help of a special team. This way of managing a collection of items is more characteristic of arcade puzzles.

What opponents can be in platform games?

In platform games, a character can have opponents or enemies. For enemies in platform games, a characteristic feature is a low level of intelligence, which is why they often perform the same actions and are not particularly treacherous.

The character of the game should not be in contact with the enemy, as this can hurt him, take his vitality or kill him. In a number of platform games, the character has the ability to neutralize the enemy: for this, he needs to either jump on the enemy’s head or use a weapon if the main character has a weapon in stock.

Secrets and mysteries of platform games

In such games at each level, there must be puzzles, secrets or secrets that the character should solve in order to receive additional bonuses or discover the opportunity to go to another level.

Platform games are not characterized by realistic graphics. Most often, such games are drawn in the style of a cartoon. The main characters of this category of the game are fabulous creatures, cartoon characters or animals.

The history of this type of games dates back to the 80s of the last century, and at first they were made in two-dimensional graphics, and after that 3D developers drew attention to them.

The very name games appeared in this category of games only later, but at first they were known as walker games. Often this type of game is a combination of several genres. The character can use weapons if the game is combined with an element of shooters, and the character may need to control transport, and then a car simulator is built into the game. The most famous and one of the first platform games was the game Prince of Persia, which still has a lot of fans.