This category contains games that are created so that the user can play them on mobile phones.

What is Mobile Games?

The most popular category of online games can be called Mobile Games, since users like these games very much. Mobile Games are always at hand for the player, they are loaded into a mobile phone and a person can play them at any time, anywhere.

There are a huge number of Mobile Games, among which it is very difficult to figure out which games are of high quality and interesting, and which ones are not even worth spending time on.

Mobile Games has a wide variety of genres and categories, but the technical requirements for each game are different. Some cool Mobile Games can only be accessed on smartphones with a powerful processor, and some will pull even the simplest smartphones.

Now mobile games are called all games that can be played both on smartphones and on tablets or PDAs, on smart watches or on a media player, as well as on digital calculators.

History of Mobile Games

The first Mobile Games was Tetris, which was hosted on a device called the Hagenuk in 1994. Then Nokia took over the development of mobile games. At that moment, the cult game Snake appeared, which immediately had a huge number of very different options. The manufacturer on all phone models produced by Nokia installed this game. Now in the world this game is installed on three hundred and fifty million mobile devices.

Among mobile games for two players, Snake was also the first game.

As soon as the mobile phone market began to actively develop and spread to the whole world, the Mobile Games market began to grow. Gradually, with the modernization of mobile phones, mobile games began to develop and become more complex, their graphics became more complex and of higher quality.

A new era in mobile gaming began with the release of the iPhone in 2007. With the advent of the App Store, users have an unlimited choice of mobile games, so the games themselves began to actively change in order to be competitive in the market. Some of the Mobile Games have gained such popularity that they have become iconic. Films and cartoons were made based on these legendary games.

What Mobile Games do we have?

Since the popularity of Mobile Games knows no boundaries, this game market is represented by a huge assortment of games, among which each user can choose the ones that he likes.

There are genres here that will delight girls and women. Among these games you can find very high quality dress up and fashion games, design and interior games. A special category of games is logic games. Such games are very fond of office workers, such games load very quickly, returning the player to the place where he left off. For boys and men, there are very cool and stylish shooting games, racing and all the most popular genres of games.