Why the football games are called soccer games sometimes? What is the difference?

Yes, nothing. And in fact, and in another case, we are talking about such a sport as football.

But when they say soccer games, we can immediately conclude that we are talking about European football.

Who calls football “soccer” and why?

This question was especially acute during the Football Championship in Brazil, because journalists from different countries of the world called it a sport in different ways.

Most of those who tried to explain this name claimed that football is called Americans' soccer, so as not to confuse it with their American football. But sports analysts only laughed, because the use of the word "soccer" came just from Europe, from England. It required a clarifying name for the usual football for us, when a game such as rugby appeared, in which, unlike football, one could use hands. Then appeared as a result of abbreviations of the qualifying names rugger from rugby football (named after the school where the rules were invented) and soccer from association football, which united all players in classic football.

Therefore, soccer games is always a good old football game.

Who plays soccer games?

Online video of soccer games is popular with players of all ages, and both boys and girls enjoy playing such games if they like football.
Sports games are designed so that the novice player has the opportunity to learn the rules of the legendary sport and gradually develop their skills.
And everyone who likes to play soccer games has the opportunity to take part in the most ambitious sporting events that not everyone succeeds in even playing as a spectator in real life.

Benefits of online video soccer games

Running with the ball through the soft green grass is great. But what if there is rain or a thunderstorm outside the window, and there is no possibility and desire to go outside. This is not a reason to postpone the match. You can just invite your friends to play online soccer games.
Modern soccer games are so realistic that the difference will be almost imperceptible. You can play alone, you can coach your favorite team and bring it to the champion's cup. And you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode, and then your match will turn into a real battle.

According to the plots and genres of soccer games are very different. 3D versions of such games are striking in their realism. But 2D variants of soccer games also have their own army of fans, because such games are often based on the plots of your favorite cartoons or the heroes of such games are your celebrity idols.

Often soccer games have a training mode that explains the rules of the game in detail. With this training, you can quickly learn the rules, even if you've never played football before. This knowledge will be useful to you when the weather is over, the sun will look out and you will be able to go to a real football field to run around with the ball.