If you can not answer the question, what is gta games, then you are still quite inexperienced in the world of computer games. Because gta games is known to absolutely all online players without exception. Or at least once heard of them. And also everyone knows that in order to play such games, you need a very powerful computer or a cool game console. Of course, if we are not talking about online games, because in this case you only need your Internet browser and a great desire to play.

Let’s figure out what it is.

What is GTA games?

Grand Theft Auto is just such a full name for gta games. This is a series of multi-platform games, the genre of which is action and adventure.

The author of these games is the monopolist Rockstar North - a company from the UK that develops these games, as well as the company Rockstar Games, which releases games. Game development is associated with the names of two brothers - Dan and Sam Houser. Also involved in the development of games in this category is Leslie Benzis, a game designer.

GTA games have received high praise from critics, they rightfully earned the title of best-selling games in the history of the gaming industry. By this year, the gta games series includes 11 games created for a wide variety of platforms.

Footage GTA games

The plot of the games in this series are thought out very well. Most often, the action in the game takes place in the USA, but for the game the developers invented the fictional cities of Vice City and Liberty City, and the scene is the fictional state of San Andreas.

The player’s character falls into a huge fantasy world, he has to complete the complex missions that the game offers, and he also has complete freedom of action, so he can walk around the game world and find new tasks in unfamiliar locations of the game world.

In gta games, a character can control a car, for this the game provides a car simulator. Also, the character has the ability to shoot from different types of weapons, because the shooting elements are included in the game by the developers.

Also gta games have the ability to stealth and role-playing games.

GTA games characters

Who is the character in gta games? Most often these are criminals, lawbreakers, who go all the way in the game in order to make their criminal career. The tasks for such characters include all kinds of criminal actions: the character needs to commit a crime, rob a bank, steal a car, kill one of the criminals and take his place in the criminal hierarchy.

Since the rendering quality of gta games is very good, many scenes look very realistic. The main category of games is adult games, as they may contain too realistic scenes of violence.

But online games, created based on the main series, often have a lighter story, while maintaining the main motive. Boys like these games very much because they are filled with criminal romance. The heroes of such games seem to the boys fearless and cool.

Very often, gta games are made in a simplified form, and the player does not need a lot of time to complete the game.