This category contains games in which you will have a happy opportunity to try yourself as a nurse. These nursing games will appeal to those of you who want to devote themselves to the profession of a nurse or doctor.

The profession of a nurse is responsible and interesting

The main thing that everyone who is interested in trying to play nursing games should know: being a nurse is a noble work, because nurses help people cope with illness and are the only support for a person in the most critical situations.

The nurse is the first assistant to the doctor. Without the help of a nurse, no doctor would be able to cope with the treatment of a patient. In a hospital, each nurse has different responsibilities, and therefore the work of one nurse is different from another. If a nurse gives injections and infusions, takes tests from a patient, then this is a procedural nurse. If a nurse helps a surgeon during an operation, then this is an operating nurse. If a nurse helps an anesthesiologist during operations, then it is a nurse anesthetist. If you visited a therapist at least once during an illness, then you saw that a nurse is always sitting next to him, who helps the doctor to correctly draw up documents and write appointments.

There are many types of nursing, and if you seriously decide to try yourself in this profession, then you should play nursing games and try yourself in every area.

What plots can be found in the nursing games category?

If you play nursing games, then you will have the chance to visit a wide variety of hospital departments. If the location of the game is in the operating room, then your task will be to help the surgeon perform the operation. If the location is in the emergency department, then be prepared for any development of events, because ambulance nurses have to deal with a wide variety of injuries and illnesses.

A nurse who works in a children's clinic must be kind. Children are often afraid of people in white coats, so it is the nurse's job to calm the baby down so that the doctor can examine him.

Also, the plot of nursing games can develop dynamically, and the nurse, as the main character of the game, will have to rush from one department to another during the entire gameplay in order to have time to complete all tasks and help all patients.

What can a nurse do in nursing games?

During the nursing games, you will learn how to give injections and carry out other medical procedures: changing dressings, treating stitches, placing IVs, doing massage, performing X-rays and ultrasounds. If you work as a nurse in a dentist's office, then you will have to study the structure of a person's teeth in order to provide the doctor with the necessary instrument on time.

A special responsibility lies with the nurse on duty, who controls the treatment process at once in the whole department of patients. Such a nurse needs to remember and monitor all appointments so that none of the patients missed their procedures, having drunk the pills on time and received their injections. Such a nurse must constantly monitor the treatment schedule.