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Sword games are for true gentlemen. Because only a true man would be capable of wielding such a powerful and hefty weapon as a sword. Swords have appeared in many of our favorite films and television series, and they can be seen on practically every coat of arms. We are huge fans of online sword games. Do you want to know in more detail what kind of weapon it is - a sword?

What is a sword?

A sword is called a melee weapon that has a straight blade. With the help of such a blade, the owner of the sword can cut and stab his enemy. The sword has many varieties. Swords of different types may be completely different from each other, but they will all have one thing in common: the presence of a blade and a handle.

Usually, the concept of the sword and sword fighting is associated with a person during the Middle Ages, when the sword was the most popular weapon. They fought with the sword during hostilities, and also used the sword as needed as a weapon for hunting.

The sword was very convenient to use as a weapon, because it was convenient to carry it with you and there was no need to hire a servant who would carry such a weapon for his master.

Medieval knights were very large and strong people, because the sword is a heavy weapon that not everyone can pick up, let alone fight with the sword. Flambergs of the ceremonial category are considered the heaviest sword in the world, which can weigh up to seven kilograms.

What are sword games?

Among the options and types of sword games there are those in which the player will have the opportunity to master the technique of using the sword. These sword simulators will first prepare the user for battle, and then give the opportunity to fight the enemy. The skill of the enemy will become more difficult with each new level of the game.

Also sword games are presented in the category of adventure games, shooters, role-playing games, all kinds of arcades. The theme of these games may also differ. From what historical period the plot of the game takes place, it depends on which sword the player will have to deal with. During the Middle Ages, which is considered the heyday of the art of sword fighting, swords of a wide variety of types were used. Each player will have the opportunity to learn the types and features of swords if they play sword games.

Lightsaber in sword games

The lightsaber deserves special attention. Because a lightsaber isn't just a weapon. Based on these weapons, a separate sword games genre dedicated to the Star Wars movie has been created and exists.

Lightsaber is not limited to Star Wars. There are so many science fiction films where heroes act with a lightsaber. But the genre of sword games with lightsabers became popular precisely thanks to the plot of the epic Star Wars. Such a sword is technological, in which the blade is generated using a laser. Such a sword looks very beautiful and is practically invincible in battle.