If you ask the boys what games they like most, you can hear a lot of options. But most often the transformers games will be repeated. If you still do not know about the world of transformers, then you should quickly get to know him, because it is very interesting and cool!

Who are transformers?

The story of transformers began in 2007, when the movie of the same name appeared on the screens. The heroes of this film are the toys that the Hasbro team released. An animated series has already been made with these toys in the title role.

The main characters or Transformers are robots that are so advanced that they are able to change their shape and use several types of weapons at once. Such amazing robots can turn into a variety of types of equipment: they can become a submarine or a tank, they can fly and be underground.
According to the plot of the film, transformers participate in a war where the Autobots battle against the Decepticons. The fight is for the AllSpark artifact, capable of destroying the galaxy if it falls into the wrong hands. Decepticons are just those who can destroy our planet, and here the Autobots land on the ground to provide AllSpark protection and not give it to Decepticons. People on planet earth are much inferior in strength and ability to Autobots, but still help them with all their might.

Popularity transformers games

The popularity of transformers game is largely due to the popularity of the film, as its success would be truly deafening. There were a lot of special effects and fighting scenes in this film, and the boys were completely delighted with this film.

After that, several sequels of this film were released, and some of its parts were even nominated for an Oscar.

For this reason, transformers game are also very popular in the online gaming world. All the boys dream of getting inside the film and control cool robots. Games of this category give them such an opportunity.

In the transformers game, there is the opportunity not only to fight by controlling transformer robots, but also to change their shape. Transformers know how to change and take on the appearance of jet engines or armed huge robots, and can become very small.

What genres are represented by transformers games?

Games in this category are presented in a variety of genres. In addition to war games in which robots have to fight the enemy and win wars, they can also participate in interesting and exciting adventure quests, in harmless rpg games and cruel shooting games.

And the boys really like to work on the design of their transformers, change their appearance. There are many drawings and coloring pages for boys in which you can come up with a cool robot with the most incredible design.

There are also many puzzle games, logic games and puzzles in which the main characters are transformers robots. Fans of transformers game can find an interesting game for themselves in almost all sections and genres, since the game world has a wide range of games on this topic. The plot of the movie about Transformers for many years remains one of the most interesting stories in the entire gaming industry.