This category contains games that are dedicated to the most iconic cartoon in the entire history of the existence of cartoons - The Simpsons

Who are The Simpsons?

The Simpsons is an animated series that started in America in 1989 and hasn't lowered its popularity ever since. The author of this animated series and all of its characters is Matt Groening, an animator and cartoonist. The channel on which The Simpsons was first shown is Fox.

There has never been a cartoon series longer in television history than The Simpsons. The popularity of this series was so high that a huge number of comics, online computer games, toys and printed materials were created based on it. The Simpsons cartoon characters are the most popular characters at all cosplay festivals in the world.

In 2020, the thirty-first season of the series was released.

The main characters of The Simpsons are the main characters of the Simpsons games.

The plot of the animated series focuses on the life of the Simpsons family, which lives in the town of Springfield. This is a humorous series, so it wittily criticizes many of the negative phenomena of the real life of Americans. The topicality of The Simpsons jokes is one of the reasons why audiences love the story so much.

In addition to TV screens, the characters in the simpsons games can be found on the sides of Western Pacific Airlines aircraft and along the fuselage of the airline's aircraft in Brazil. The characters of the simpsons games have left such iconic cartoon characters as Flintstone and Scooby-Doo far behind on the popularity scale.

You can see the characters of Simpsons video games on the covers of magazines. The popularity of the series exploded with renewed vigor after the iconic South Korean music group BTS asked fans to draw them in the style of the characters of the simpsons games, as a result of which a huge number of interesting drawings appeared, and interest in the series erupted with renewed vigor.

What the simpsons games do we have?

Since the heroes of the simpsons games themselves are very positive and funny characters, in the category of Simpsons video games you will not find cruelty and aggression. Most often these are good arcades and adventure games. Although among these games you can find shooters.

Together with your favorite characters, you can find a game that suits the genre. There is also entertainment for girls: we have Simpsons dress up and coloring pages, where you have to choose a beautiful outfit for the characters of the series and capture their portrait.

A lot of the simpsons games are presented in the genre of logic games, mazes and puzzles. You will have the opportunity to reflect on riddles and collect jigsaw puzzles.

For the youngest children, we can find funny and simple games for attention and reaction, as well as educational games.

For boys and men, games in the genre of car racing, shooters, adventure and action genres will be interesting. In the category the simpsons games, the graphics are stylized as a cartoon, but there are also wonderful three-dimensional games with very high-quality rendering of details.