The category meme games contains games that were developed based on popular Internet memes. Such games are very popular, no less than the original memes, on the basis of which they were created.

What is Internet meme?

Internet meme is a new, fashionable phenomenon that has filled the Internet in recent years. People of all ages know what memes are and actively use them during their activities on the Internet.

Each Internet meme contains some kind of information that can exist in the form of a picture or gif, in the form of a sound fragment or an excerpt from a song, text, or even just a word, photograph or video fragment.

Any Internet meme must necessarily be informative and witty; this is what determines its popularity. Although this popularity cannot be calculated in any way, since it arises spontaneously.

It is these memes that form the basis of meme games, so all games in this category will definitely be witty and funny.

Where did Internet meme come from?

A professor from Oxford who used the word in his book coins the term «meme». The book was called "The Selfish Gene" and became very popular, it revealed the theory about memetics, and journalists saw the connection between memetics and information that is becoming spontaneously popular on the Internet.

How are memes spread on the internet? For this, the meme should "catch" everyone, not leave indifferent Internet users. Among the memes there are many funny pictures, anecdotes, jokes and media files.

Now all categories of Internet users communicate with the help of memes. They send memes to each other in private correspondence, respond to messages with memes and express their reactions.

What types of meme games are there?

Among the meme games presented in this category, there are many games in which Internet memes are used as the main characters. Most often these are simple games in the genre of lines or balls, logic games, where pictures from memes appear instead of the usual figures.

By the same principle, meme games are made, in which the heroes of the memes participate in races, run away from the chase and shoot, pass the arcades, they have a lot of adventures.

Most often, such games do not have a certain interesting plot, they are easy to control. The purpose of creating such games is the entertainment factor: games are developed in order to take advantage of Internet users' interest in memes and extend the time when the player can enjoy the character he loves.

If you choose meme games, then you will again see your favorite heroes - confused John Travolta, a strange fox and Zhdun, a flying pink cat and many others, but in different roles that are new to them. You will also have the opportunity to meet old acquaintances: you can play games with Internet memes that have long been forgotten, but were once very popular.

The main thing that every user should know about games is that in the process of such games a good mood and fun is guaranteed.