Do you believe there are fairies in the world? In real life, it is hardly possible to meet such fabulous creatures. But we have online games in which everyone can not only meet fairies, but also play with them.

You can only meet fairies in real life at winx games

Winx club games girls are the most popular fairies in the universe. There is not a single girl on earth who does not know them. Because not a single cartoon character on the planet has ever been as popular as the winx games characters have been.

Fairy girls from winx club can be found on TV screens, in the cinema, in online games for children, and on the shelves of toy stores.

They are beautiful, bright, wonderful. Each winx club has its own special character. You should definitely get to know them better.

Meet the fairy girls from winx club games

Winx Club is the name of an animated series with a fantastic plot, which was filmed by Iginio Straffi, an animator from Italy. This animated series was released in 2004 and later spread around the world.

Girls from winx club games live in a magical universe, which consists of fabulous planets where magical creatures live. The history of winx club is the story of the fairy girl Bloom, who learns about her past and the origin of the fairy and tries to figure it out. Bloom enters a school for fairies and creates Winx Club, which includes her friend fairies, who study and then become graduates of the Alfea school.

Bloom's friends are Stella, Tecna, Flora, Musa and Leila. Also among the winx club games are characters like Skye, Brandon, Riven, Timmy and Helia, who are the girls' boyfriends.

Winx club games plot and locations

Since the action of the series takes place in Magix, that is, in one of the dimensions of the winx club universe, the events of the game take place in different corners of this universe. In addition to fairies, ogres, pixies, monsters, trolls and witches, as well as many other fictional characters inhabit the universe.

Magix is ​​not only the name of the dimension, but also the name of the planet, as well as the name of the capital in which the school of Alpheus is located. Also, the scene of winx club games can be Domino, in which Bloom's home is located, in the Solarium, where Stella lives, in Melody, where Musa lives, as well as in Andros, Leila's house, Zenith, Tecna's house, and in Linfey, where he lives Flora. Also in winx club games events can take place in the ice prison of Omega, in the underwater prison of Oblivion or in the dimension of evil Obsidian. Some games events take place on earth as well.

The universe of winx club games also involves events that correspond to different transformations that girls can achieve if they fulfill the necessary actions and conditions. If the fairy achieves transformation and summons it, then her appearance changes, including clothes, hair and wings. Transformations in winx club games are Charmix, Enchantix, Believix, Harmonix, Sirenix, Bloomix, Mythix, Butterflix, Tynix and Cosmix.