There are many online games that have a fantastic storyline. The events that take place in them are based on fictional stories, and the main characters of such games have amazing qualities. The most popular of these games are monster games.

Who are the monsters

When we talk about monsters, we mean fantastic creatures that are huge in size. It is also customary to call monsters huge buildings or machines that amaze the imagination with their size or strength.

Size is the main distinguishing feature of fantastic creatures. And monsters are also characterized by anger, aggression and bloodthirstiness. If a person has a number of similar qualities, then we also call such a person a monster.

Among all the fairy-tale creatures or characters of myths and legends, monsters also stand out in that they look frightening outwardly, you cannot look at them without fear.

But the main characters of monster games are often both kind and funny. In the world of online games, any transformation is possible, which is why we all love to play monster games so much.

What are the main characters of monster games

Different peoples call different creatures monsters. The most famous among the monsters are chimeras or gorgons. In the ancient world, a monster was called a minotaur or centaur. Many peoples consider mermaids and trolls to be monsters.

Psychologists believe that monsters were invented by humans in order to express their fears and concerns. There are widely known legends about monsters living under the bed, which are so afraid of small children.

Users of monster games know that monsters do not exist in reality, fairy tales and myths invented them, so they boldly play monster games, fighting monsters.

But in the plots of such games, monsters are often the main characters, and then the user can control them, act on the side of the main character.
Many monsters have come to online games from modern fairy tales. An example of a monster who, despite his terrifying appearance, remains kind and friendly, is the monster from Beauty and the Beast.

Monster games genres

In online games where the main characters are monsters, we can take part in exciting adventures, join the battle against evil monsters or defend a kind monster.

In shooting games you will have the opportunity to clear the game world from a whole army of terrible and mighty monsters.

But if you want to play a game where the character is an ugly, but kind monster, then you can choose adventure games or logic games. You can also work on the appearance of such a monster in drawing games or coloring pages to make it a little more attractive. Girls love to play dress up games with monsters, because choosing beautiful clothes for these scary creatures is an exciting activity. Having received a beautiful outfit or dress, the monsters become a little kinder.

The most interesting are role-playing games in which the player opposes cunning and strong monsters. In such games there is a chance to become a real hero and save the world from the invasion of evil.

Zombies are also monsters, and in the modern gaming world they are very popular characters in online monster games.