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This category of online computer games contains games dedicated to assassins. These mysterious people existed during the Middle Ages and went down in world history as the most mysterious warriors in history. Some scientists even doubted whether the Assassins were actually ordinary people? Or they were some kind of supernatural being.

Who are the Assassins?

The history of the emergence of military formations that had a religious character, called the Assassins, is rooted in the medieval Islamic state, which bore the same name. The warriors of the Assassin state were distinguished by the fact that they never acted openly. The Assassins were distinguished by the fact that they infiltrated secretly into the state, acted behind enemy lines, so their intrigues turned out to be a complete surprise to the enemy.

The enemies of the Assassins were the authorities of the Seljuk state; it is they who most often act as the enemy of the Assassins in films, literary works and computer games.

A lot of myths and legends have been formed about the assassins, which most often have nothing to do with real-life warriors, but on the other hand demonstrate the cautious attitude of people towards them.

Assassin myths in the storyline of assassin games

Most often, assassin games plots are based on numerous stories, legends and myths that tell about what the Assassins were like.

One of the most widespread myths is associated with the founder of the order, Hasan ibn Sabbah, who organized his first assassination: on his order, a man disguised as a wanderer killed the Seljuk vizier Nizam al-Mulk, who was his classmate. This audacious murder was committed right in the palace of the vizier.

The stronghold of the Order of the Assassins was the fortress of Alamut, which they captured so quickly and decisively that not a drop of blood was spilled.

The Assassins were called secret killers, but they organized their operations so that they received as much publicity as possible.

What were the Assassins and what did they look like?

When the image of the assassins penetrated the tales and legends of Western folklore, it was romanticized. Mysterious assassins who knew how to move silently and kill mercilessly are still popular, especially among computer game lovers, as the world of online games gladly uses the image of these warriors to create assassin games.

It will be interesting for you to know that in their business the assassins used special methods of murder, but despite everything that can be seen about the assassins in films or read in books, the assassins cannot be called terrorists, since they never killed the civilian population.

During the training of warriors, young assassins underwent very diverse training. The elders taught their youth the arts of war, equestrianism, strategy, various languages, and the art of disguise.

Outwardly, the assassin can be recognized by the fact that his face is always covered with a hood and a mask. Modern creators of computer assassin games invented special clothes for the assassins, but in real life the clothes of the assassins were no different from the clothes of ordinary people, because the essence of their activity was just so that they could merge with the crowd.