The online video genre of Barbie games is a real gift for all fans and admirers of the wonderful and legendary Barbie dolls. Do not be surprised that this doll has almost as many admirers among men as among women.

Mattel legendary Barbie games

Since the time Mattel came up with the Barbie doll, the universe of the charming doll has grown to incredible sizes, and now the heroine of Barbie or Barbie games cartoons is not only Barbie herself, but her many sisters, girlfriends, friends and, of course, her boyfriend Ken.

Varieties of Barbie games fully meet all the interests of Barbie and her friends.

Varieties of Barbie games

In the first place are, of course, dress up Barbie games. Barbie doll is a fashionable beauty, so she pays great attention to her style. And the developers of games pay great attention to dress up games to please all Barbie fans. In dress up Barbie games you can spend fun time picking outfits for going to a party, to a ball, you can pick up clothes for a picnic or vacation at a ski resort for Barbie and her sisters Stacy, Chelsea, Skipper. And you can also act as a Barbie stylist and pay attention not only to her clothes, but also to her hair and makeup.

Another popular type of Barbie games is drawing. The portrait of Barbie is very fond of drawing and painting by little girls, and adult girls love to paint episodes from Barbie stories using original painting techniques.

There are many arcades in which the main character is Barbie. Wonderful and exciting walkers are made in the same cute and colorful graphics as all Barbie cartoons, so it's impossible to confuse them with others.

And Barbie loves to cook. This explains why there are so many cooking games with Barbie. Barbie sometimes works in a restaurant or helps her friend Teresa in her cozy coffee shop, and sometimes she bakes excellent cupcakes at home in the kitchen.

Bari loves animals very much, that's why so many games are devoted to Barbie's little pets - here are logic games, puzzles, and music games.
One of the most beloved types of Barbie games is a profession game in which Barbie has the opportunity to try herself in various fields of professional activity - Barbie is well versed in medicine, she is an excellent teacher, and she also performs on stage, at horse racing and skillfully drives an SUV.

Fairytales Barbie games

A huge number of fairy tales are associated with the name Barbie. During its existence, Barbie managed to visit both the fairy, and the little mermaid, and the magic princess, and the sorceress. And about all these tales there are interesting games that girls of all ages love to play. Each of us really wants to visit such a fabulous world among magical characters and bizarre landscapes.

Of course, the most important fairy tale in Barbie’s life is her wonderful romantic relationship with Ken. Barbie and Ken have been together for a very long time, but their love has grown stronger over the years. Therefore, romantic Barbie games are also very much. In these games you will have a chance to arrange for Barbie the most romantic and beautiful date in the world.

Perhaps you should not forget that Barbie is not just a doll. She is a real celebrity that people around the world know. Therefore, it is especially interesting to play Barbie games about the stellar life of Barbie.