Among the comic book characters, Batman is one of the most popular. This is a superhero who is hiding behind a mask and a bat costume. Who is he?

Who is Batman?

Batman took such a name for himself, so his costume resembles a bat. If you are familiar with the plot of the comics about him, then you know that in fact Batman is Bruce Wayne, who hides his real identity under the mask of a bat.

He has a noble purpose in life: he wants to eradicate crime.

The batman games character does not have any super abilities. But his superpower is his powerful intellect, which helps him to cope with his tasks. Thanks to his mind, Batman can maintain his health and strength. He is physically developed and trained, so he does not cost anything to cope with his enemies.

What is special about batman games?

A feature of each batman game is the need to solve the problem that the game sets before it. His enemy is an insidious Penguin, with whom he has to fight constantly. Most batman games have just such a plot.

There are a number of enemies that our hero needs to fight with. Among them are Catwoman, Joker and Two-Faced.

Batman has its own transport. Most often he drives a fast and cool motorcycle, but there are games in which he has to travel by car, and by helicopter, and even on boats or yachts.

Each batman game takes place in a city that is native to Batman. This city is called Gotham. Batman once vowed to defend this city, and since then follows this noble goal. The city has many enemies, and ordinary citizens of the city suffer from the oppression of these enemies. In batman games you have to help Batman defend the city.

Types and Genres of batman games

Games in which Batman is the protagonist are presented in a wide variety of genres. If these are shooting games, then for Batman a variety of weapons are prepared here. Our hero is very easily controlled by both simple weapons and weapons that were developed in secret laboratories, and you could only see this in fantasy films.

Batman can be opposed not only by his enemies, provided for by the plot of the comics, but also by all kinds of fictional characters such as zombies, pirates or aliens.

There are a lot of logic games and puzzles among batman games, because the whole life of Batman in the plot of comics consists of solving numerous problems and puzzles. Therefore, quests are also a popular games genre.

The most common genre for batman games is adventure and arcade, as well as fights, because Batman has to fight a lot and with a lot of people.
A hero like Batman has a lot of fans among girls and girls, so dress up games are a popular genre of games. Girls are happy to try on all kinds of outfits on our hero and designer-modify his usual suit.