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This category contains games in which the goalkeeper plays the leading role. This is a special role and profession - the outcome of the game depends on it, so being a goalkeeper is responsible and very exciting.

Who is goalkeeper?

In any sports team, the roles of the players are allocated so that each player can bring the maximum benefit to his team, depending on what he does best.

If your role in the team is goalkeeper, then your responsibility will be to protect the team's goal. The main goal of the goalkeeper is not to let the opposing team get close to the goal and score a goal. The goalkeeper must have his own special uniform, equipped with special protection, because pucks, balls, as well as other sports equipment that are used in this game can fly into him.

What goalkeeper games do we have?

All goalkeeper games are simulations of a specific sport. The theme of the game depends on what kind of sport the goalkeeper specializes in. Therefore, it is worth telling in what sports there is such a figure as a goalkeeper in the team.

Football is the first game that immediately comes to mind when the word "goalkeeper games" is pronounced. There are special rules of conduct for the football goalkeeper during the game. You can immediately recognize a goalkeeper in football: his uniform is different from all athletes and referees on the field. Often, both the team and the audience pin all their hopes on the goalkeeper in football. There are many examples of how exactly the goalkeeper decided the outcome of the game by catching or not catching the ball during a penalty kick.

There is also a goalkeeper in mini-football. According to the rules of the game, the time during which the goalkeeper can control the ball within the boundaries of his court should be no more than four seconds.

There is also a goalkeeper in bandy. The goalkeeper has no stick in this sport. But on the other hand, he has powerful protection on his arms and legs, because the ball, if it hits the goalkeeper, can leave noticeable bruises.

The role of the goalkeeper in ice hockey is very important. In this sport, the goalkeeper is in great danger, because the puck in this sport flies with great speed and power. Therefore, the goalkeeper in hockey wears protective equipment and has a special stick. And there is also a goalkeeper in field hockey, water polo, and handball.

What kind of goalkeeper should be to win goalkeeper games?

All goalkeeper games are a test of the strength of not only the player's physical condition, but also a test of his attentiveness, reaction speed, ability to concentrate on the game and analyze what is happening. Since a lot depends on the goalkeeper, he should not lose concentration for a minute, he should constantly monitor the game.

The names of the coolest goalkeepers in various sports went down in history, because they were really legendary people who should be taken as an example. If you choose goalkeeper games, then you have every chance to repeat their success, at least in the virtual world. We hope that the skills learned in online goalkeeper games will definitely be useful to you in real life.