The bazooka games category contains games in which a character has the opportunity to use such a special type of weapon as a bazooka for defense, military action or for educational purposes.

What is a bazooka?

The Bazooka is a hand-held grenade launcher, which is a rocket launcher that is mobile, meaning it can be manually carried from place to place. Such weapons are made in America. Since this type of weapon has gained great popularity, now the word "bazooka" can be called any powerful and destructive weapon.

The name of the bazooka is borrowed from the name of a musical instrument: the so-called sliding hollow tube, which at the very beginning of the 20th century was invented by Bob Burns, who was a comedian by profession. The bazooka was first tested at the test site in 1930.

History of the bazooka

After the use of the bazooka during the Second World War, the designers reworked it, looking at the example of German weapons. A bazooka appeared, which was larger in size and more powerful, and it was called "superbazuka". During World War II, the American army used the bazooka in North Africa, and the Red Army received three thousand bazookas in 1942.

After the bazooka, it was used in small quantities during the Korean War, as well as at the beginning of the Vietnam War. Now besides America, bazookas are also used by Turkey, which has put bazookas into service with its army. Also, bazookas were used by France, Vietnam, Cuba.

What bazooka games do we have?

Since the bazooka is a destructive and dangerous weapon, each player should understand that all games are shooting games, wars and battles, so in such games there will definitely be death and destruction.

If these are the games you like, then bazooka games is what you need.

Get ready to show all your ingenuity, ability to hit the target and make decisions in extreme situations. To be successful in games, you will need all of these qualities of yours, because you are waiting for a hot season, shootings and battles.

To begin with, you should master such a new type of weapon for you. The bazooka has a long history, this weapon has gone through more than one war, so each user must show respect for this type of weapon and go through training before starting to play.

Once you are ready, you will have to plunge into the wonderful world of bazooka games. Since this type of weapon was used in different wars, then the plots of bazooka games will unfold both in modern times and in certain historical periods. So prepare the creators of bazooka games paid great attention to the development of game worlds for such stories, for the fact that you will be surrounded by high-quality detailed graphics and many interesting details and locations.

The developers of bazooka games did not ignore the fantastic stories, so in some games you will have to fight against representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, as well as fictional creatures from fantasy - with zombies, monsters, prehistoric animals.