This category of games contains games that are designed for the iPad. How do they differ from the game for regular tablets? Let's figure it out.

What is iPad?

Apple began making its own special internet tablet in 2010. Steve Jobs himself presented the first version of the iPad at a traditional presentation.

According to analysts and experts, the arrival of the iPad marked the transition of humanity to the post-computing era. A lightweight and functional internet tablet replaces the desktop and laptop. Steve Jobs said at the presentation that tablets like iPads are much simpler than computers, so the future belongs to them.

The real explosion in the gaming industry and the emergence of iPad Games occurred after the iPad 2, and then the iPad 3. The more iPads developed in terms of their characteristics, the more opportunities appeared for creating iPad Games.

Many accessories have been invented for the iPad, among which there are some that have significantly expanded the possibilities for the gaming industry. This Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Digital AV Adapter, with which you can display the image on a big crane.

Interesting facts about iPad

The first device that was similar in functionality to the iPad was developed back in 1968 and was called the Dynabook. It was designed for educational functionality, but later it was from this device that the first laptop equipped with a touch screen grew.

According to Steve Jobs, the company first came up with the idea to create an iPad, and only after that they began to develop the idea of ​​creating a phone.

The name iPad amused Internet users a lot, as it sounded like the word for feminine hygiene bags. Initially, users did not download iPad Games to the iPad at all, but books for reading and various applications for work.

One of those who criticized the iPad was Bill Gates, who stated that the iPad is just a good reader.

Most Popular iPad Games

Among the iPad Games, there are some that were created exclusively

Angry Birds is one such game. At first, many Internet users were outraged by the fact that some frivolous birds had gained popularity. But over time, the popularity of this game only grew, and today their influence has spread far beyond the game world, these birds have penetrated the world of animation and cinematography.

The famous cut the rope lollipops is a very famous puzzle game made especially for iPad Games. This game is not inferior in popularity to the famous birds from iPad Games.

Also popular characters from iPad Games are fruits from Cover Orange: it was from this game that the glory of iPad Games puzzles began.

It is impossible not to mention the crocodile named Swampy. All iPad users around the world love this playable character, because the character himself is very charismatic, and the game is fun.

The Treasures of Montezuma is one of the most hit iPad Games, which managed to conquer the world and make millions of players fall in love with itself.