What are pacogames and why are such games so popular? According to experts, paco games are thousands of free online games of various types and categories collected on one site.

Who created paco games and why?

As the developers themselves admit, they love to play since childhood. And when the adult life came, it was very sad for them to realize that now they have neither time for games, nor strength. But no one was going to give up their favorite hobby so simply.

Due to the fact that the Unity game engine opened up new possibilities for game creators, the authors of paco games began to intensively bring their ideas to life.

Soon there were so many games that they needed to be collected, systematized and cataloged somewhere. But just such a place did not exist. And then the idea came up to create a site on which thousands of the most diverse games would be collected. And so the world-wide website pacogames.com appeared, which very quickly left behind many of its competitors.

Unity technology, as well as WebGL technology, allowed players with even the most daring requests to play easily and simply, directly from their browser.

The history of paco games

After the creators of the site began to invite many game authors to collaborate, pacogames began to gain popularity. But the real glory came to the portal in 2015, when the Pixel Warfare game was released, which had Minecraft graphics, and it itself was a 3D multiplayer shooter.

In 2016, GameArter.com, a platform for monetizing games, appeared, and developers downloaded forty of their games on this platform only in 2016. Every year the number of published games grew, and gradually reached a result of several hundred games annually.

The company has big plans, paco games plan to create another website, develop unique games with new features and features.

What are the types of pacogames?

The portal has games of various genres that will surely find fans for themselves. A special place is occupied by 3D games, which today are among the most popular among fans of online video games. This demand is due to the fact that 3D paco games are very realistic and exciting.

Also on the site you can find dynamic action games, shooting games, horror games and many others.

Special attention should be paid to the section of sports games: the site also has such popular sports as football, basketball and volleyball, and those that are not so popular, but games about them are no less interesting. This is archery or golf.

Favorite many racing games are also presented on the site in a wide range. You can get a ruble of a car and practice driving, you can try to master an SUV or even a whole bus! This site has a huge section of car simulations. There are games for girls here, and they are represented in all existing genres, as well as many others.