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More recently, we did not know anything about baseball. Now baseball games have flooded the Internet, and there are many fans of this sports game both in its real version and online.

What is baseball?

The baseball team game differs from all other ball games in that the players in it use not only the ball, but also the bat. The baseball team should have nine members each. The countries that are most interested in baseball are, of course, the United States, as well as South Korea, Cuba, China and Japan, there are more than a hundred such countries.

And for the first time, they started playing baseball in the fourteenth century: French priests loved a game that was very similar to baseball. Many ancient European games resembled baseball to a greater or lesser extent. There is even an opinion that the main ancestor of baseball is the usual bast shoe.

The very name of baseball was first mentioned in the 19th century in fiction.

There is a person who is officially considered by those who formulated the rules of baseball: this is Alexander Cartwright from the USA, who was the author of the rules of baseball. The first official match according to these rules took place in 1869.

Baseball championships are held regularly in the world. True, women's baseball championships began to be held recently, already in the 21st century.

Why are baseball games so popular?

The popularity of baseball games on the Internet is growing every day. Many attribute this to the fact that baseball is associated with the American way of life. The subject of baseball is almost always mentioned in films, TV shows and cartoons of the United States.

But historians only chuckle, recalling that similar games exist among almost all peoples on earth.

The reason for the popularity of baseball is that it is a very gamble and addictive game.

At first, the rules of this game are not very clear, but you can understand them if you take them carefully, and then you can get a lot of pleasure from online games in baseball games.

Baseball games concepts

The main condition that must be observed in order to understand the rules of baseball games is knowledge of baseball terminology.

The basic terms in baseball are:

- Base - a point on the field (there are 4 in total) that a runner should visit if he wants to win a point,
- Batter - that player in the team who has a bat in his hands, he is located in front of the Catcher and hits the ball with a bat,
- Catcher is one of the players on the defensive team. It is his responsibility to catch the ball that the pitcher throws with a special glove.
- Inning - a unit of time in a baseball game, there should be 9 in all for the whole game,
- Pitcher is one of the players on the baseball team that serves the ball,
- Run - this is the name of the point that the player from the attack team earned,
- Strike - one of the game situations on the field, it is announced by the referee,
- There are many other terms in baseball that you should understand if you want to have fun and interesting time for baseball games.