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This category contains online games in which the main characters are astronauts, that is, those people who fly into space on special space technology.

Who are astronauts?

There are not many astronauts on earth. There are only 564 representatives of this profession, and only 64 of them are women. The first astronaut to fly into space was the Russian pilot Yuri Gagarin. This flight made Gagarin famous throughout the world. He became a legend for all astronauts.

For the first time, Russian pilot Alexei Leonov also went out into outer space. In 1968, humans flew around the moon for the first time in the Apollo 8 spacecraft, and in 1969 astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin stepped onto the lunar surface for the first time.

Nowadays, people fly into space all the time. And not only in astronaut games, but also in real life. Astronauts from around the world are in space performing important scientific research.

Who Can Become an Astronaut?

In order to become an astronaut, you must study at a special flying space university. When the history of astronautics was just beginning, the first astronauts were ordinary pilots who underwent special training. Modern astronauts undergo more serious training, therefore, a serious selection is underway for educational institutions where astronauts are trained. And only in astronaut games everyone can fly into space.

The chosen few become astronauts, and these people are the real lucky ones. They have the opportunity to see planet Earth from space. Those astronauts who saw the Earth through a porthole say that our planet is the most beautiful in our Galaxy.

As the space industry develops more and more, there is already an opportunity for people with excellent health and extra billions of dollars to become space tourists and go to space themselves and look at Earth through a window.

What astronaut games do we have?

The astronaut games category contains games that will give everyone the opportunity to become an astronaut and visit space. You will be able to visit the spaceship, see how everything works in it, try to live the life of astronauts.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in space races on spaceships, take part in space battles.

If you like quests more, then you will have the opportunity to take part in detective space adventures in our games.

If you are a fan of creative games, then we suggest you come up with a stylish design for a new astronaut spacesuit and paint it in new colors.

It is very important for an astronaut to study new planets, their flora and fauna very carefully in order to know what danger threatens. Therefore, a separate section of astronaut games is role-playing games, in which you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of space flights. Three-dimensional games are made realistically and make you feel like a real astronaut.

If you love space and dream of visiting it someday, then astronaut games will definitely appeal to you.