What is your action games genre associated with? Probably with movement, action, adventure and solving complex problems in extreme conditions. This genre is the favorite among all users of online games. Why is he so loved?

What is action games?

The name of this genre is based on the concept of "action". This means that when we play games, the main thing we do is act. This means that your success in action games depends on how well developed your physical abilities are. Everything is important in such games: your coordination, the speed of your reaction, the vigilance of your eyes and the agility of your hands. In action games, success depends on the player.
The action games category falls into many genres and subgenres, which depend on the plot of the game, its heroes, its strategy and gameplay. Therefore, action games are fighting games and shooters, strategies and platformers.

Player and character in action games

The most common practice in action games implies that the player or user controls the avatar or character, the main character of the game. Under the guidance of the player, the avatar passes the level, looks for a way out of it or moves to the next level, collects objects that he will need later on as the game progresses, avoids obstacles and fights with enemies.

All action games have a very dynamic plot development, one action goes into another, the player has no time to be bored - he must act all the time, his attention should be extremely focused all the time, and he should respond very quickly to what is happening in the game.

The main opponent of the character in action games always meets him at the end of the game, at the last level, and it is most difficult to defeat him. By the time the player reaches the last level and meets the boss, his reserves of health and strength are usually depleted, so the last battle is always the culmination and it is very difficult to win.

Many arcade action games are made in such a way that it is impossible to win completely, and the number of levels in such a game is infinite.

What genres can be present in action games

The action games category involves combining several genres, therefore, games in this category may contain elements of puzzles and logic games, races and transport control simulators, collecting items and quests, but these will be auxiliary genre elements.

In the games category, plots may involve different episodes, and some of these episodes may have a research character, a creative character or suggest tactical tasks. Since the user is always in a state of utmost concentration of attention during the game, such episodes allow him to relax a bit and gain strength for passing the next action level.

Action game sub-genres include fighting, platformers, Beat 'em up, as well as special action quests. The number of action games is so great and varied that it is impossible to give an example of any particular ones, since it is difficult to even classify them on any one basis.