Meet Naruto Uzumaki. However, we think that you are already familiar. Because there are no people in the world who don’t know Naruto.

Protagonist naruto games

Who is Naruto Uzumaki? This is a ninja. True, while he is still a little ninja, a teenager. And his character is not suitable for a ninja at all. But still, Naruto Uzumaki is a real ninja.

The main goal of his life is to become a Hokage. This is the name of the most powerful ninja in the village, who becomes the head of all who live in the village. This is what Naruto dreams of. That's just his fidgety character is very difficult to achieve success.

How to grow from a child into a real warrior? To do this, you need to pass more than one ninja exam, pass a whole bunch of tests and win many battles.

History of naruto games

Where did this wonderful brave hero Naruto come from? He came to us from the manga that came out in 199 in Japan. Since then, many cartoons, series and films have been starred with Naruto.

The fame of Naruto gradually went far beyond Japan and gradually leaked into the world of online games.

Not only boys like stories from naruto games, although they have so many fights and battles. Girls also enjoy playing these games. But among the genres of naruto games are not only fights, but also races, games on the theme of football or basketball, all kinds of adventures and arcades.
Especially for girls, the developers offered games in the genre of dress up and drawing. Naruto is very fond of puzzles and puzzles, so he often participates as the main character in logic games.

Naruto games are not only games for children

Ninjas are mysterious and strange people. From them, danger is blowing. They move so quickly and silently that it is impossible to hide from them and defend themselves. That is why ninja games are very popular not only among children, but also among adults.

If someone thinks there is a little magic in ninja stories, then this is wrong. Everything that ninjas can do is the result of years of hard training and self-improvement. Therefore, ninjas have always been a matter of respect and awe.

Naruto is one of them. Therefore, he is not only loved, but also respected by boys and girls around the world. More than one generation has sprung up on the stories of Naruto. Therefore, among adults, Naruto also has a lot of fans.

But the ninjas are also dangerous, because initially they were brought up as assassins who performed the task of their boss and eliminated those people who interfered with him. But we believe that Naruto belongs to a special category of ninjas. Maybe when he grows up, he will turn into a noble warrior who will stand up for justice. In order to find out, you need to play naruto games.

During the game, you should remember that, although Naruto is also a child, he already has his own enemies. One of them is Zabuza, a very insidious person. Most of the battles in games are fights from Zabuza. For Zabuz, it does not matter if he has a weapon in his hands: he can use anything as a tool, so danger should always be expected from him.